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  1. Hello everyone, first of all, I want to thank you all for the great insight you provide in this forum so generously. Secondly, please excuse both my English (as I am not a native speaker) as well as my approach to front end (since I am a level below beginner enthusiast). I was dabbling with TextSplit and ScrollTrigger, having a lot of fun, and trying to replicate elements I saw online. In the first pen below, there seems to be no issue (other than the fact that the section stops being pinned before the entirety of the text has been colored). Text Color Scroll #1 https://codepen.io/Aristidis-Lithoxoidis/pen/MWMYzez The same exactly with this pen. Text Color Scroll #2 https://codepen.io/Aristidis-Lithoxoidis/pen/jOjEQLe When I combine the two Text Color Scroll Combined https://codepen.io/Aristidis-Lithoxoidis/pen/JjQoeOY I start having problems. Namely, the second section (the one with a single column) appears -in a most snappy way - before the first section has even disappeared. And then, the second section appears again somehow further down. I have tried everything I could find online for two days now but nothing. The closest I got was when I changed the "end" attribute of the first script to "end: "bottom +=1000px"", but that doesn't seem ideal. I am sure there is a very easy way of fixing - a problem that most probably I created myself - but couldn't find anything online. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have splittext and somehow it changes the color of the typeface or the z-index, i don't know what exactly the problem is. useGSAP( () => { if ( !firstTextRef.current || !secondTextRef.current || !arrowRef.current || !boxRef.current ) return; const splitFirst = new SplitText(firstTextRef.current, { type: 'chars' }); const splitSecond = new SplitText(secondTextRef.current, { type: 'chars', }); gsap.set(splitSecond.chars, { y: 550, visibility: 'hidden' }); gsap.set(boxRef.current, { y: 100, autoAlpha: 0 }); // Set initial state const tl = gsap.timeline(); tl.from(splitFirst.chars, { y: 550, opacity: 0, stagger: 0.05, duration: 0.6, ease: 'circ.out', }) .from( arrowRef.current, { opacity: 0, scale: 0, duration: 0.4, ease: 'back.out(1.7)', }, '-=0.3' ) .to(boxRef.current, { y: 0, autoAlpha: 1, duration: 0.6, ease: 'circ.out', }) .to( splitSecond.chars, { y: 0, visibility: 'visible', stagger: 0.05, duration: 0.6, ease: 'circ.out', }, '-=0.3' ); }, { scope: containerRef } ); it might be because of the chaining or the timeline, i've tried working with z index in css and in gsap as well but nothing really works. is there a solution for this problem? gsap.mov
  3. I'm using the following command to initialize SplitText: new SplitText(".content_wrapper", { type: "words,chars,lines", position: "absolute" }) on the following DOM element: <div class="content_wrapper" style="width: 365px; height: 224px; opacity: 1; perspective: 400px;">Some text that indents with SplitText</div> What goes wrong is the following: The line splits between the word "that" and "indents" SplitText indents the word "indent" with 10px if it thinks that the space between "that" and "indents" does not fit behind "that" anymore. The effect is shown in the attached screen shot and highlighted with the red box. If you make the parent div a bit wider, you can get to the point where SplitText *does* think the space fits behind the word "that" and then the word "indents" is not indented. The problem is related the the following style setting: white-space: pre-wrap; Could you please have a look at this problem and (hopefully) solve it quickly. It goes wrong in a lot of our use cases... Thank you. Pascal.
  4. Are there any issues animating h1 <h1 id=“txt1”>SplitText <br>text.</h1>, or is it best practice to always use divs <div id=“txt1”>SplitText <br>text.</div> when animating with splittext? Thanks
  5. Hi there, I'm having a weird issue when trying to use ScrambleText Plugin to tween a single character, split by the SplitText plugin and searching in the forums, i found the following thread: Split Text / ScrambleText - Random Stagger, which in a comment from @Carl has the following example that i used to create this animation ( I didn't comment there as the thread is from 2015). Greensock SplitText Demo Now my problem is that while tweening the character, the tween has some "dead" time in between each character, i have tried fixing the timing using the duration of each tween, the duration of the timeline and the position of each tween in the timeline but it seems that i don't really understand how the ScrambleText Plugin really works. If anyone has any idea how i can configure this to run as if i was scrambling the text as a single word instead of each character as a regular ScrambleText Plugin tween would please, let me know. Thanks.
  6. Hello! I have recently encountered a problem where I am trying to revert the parent divs after a browser resize, but it is not reverting at all! I am trying to revert the "paragraph-" and "headerParentSplit" before the animation starts (as long as it has been set before) I have tried debugging by console logging this if statement, and it does go through, although it still does no difference. First picture with only one header line, is how it should look like. This is what happens when you enter the website with a fullscreen resolution. The other picture with a red and black background for the header, is how it looks like. The reason behind this is that the div is split into lines when the resolution was smaller (therfore it is two divs). It does not revert with the following code.. function setupSplits() { const paragraph = document.querySelectorAll("p"); const header = document.querySelectorAll("h1, h2"); if (headerParentSplit != null) { headerParentSplit.revert(); paragraphParentSplit.revert(); } var headerParentSplit = new $SplitText(header, { // type: "words", linesClass: "split-parent", }); var paragraphParentSplit = new $SplitText(paragraph, { // type: "words", linesClass: "split-parent", }); header.forEach((header) => { // Reset if needed if (header.anim) { header.anim.progress(1).kill(); header.split.revert(); } header.split = new $SplitText(header, { type: "lines,words", linesClass: "split-line", }); // Set up the anim $gsap.set("h1, h2", { visibility: "visible", }); header.anim = $gsap.from(header.split.words, { scrollTrigger: { trigger: header, toggleActions: "restart pause resume reverse", start: "top 95%", }, duration: 0.7, ease: "circ.easeOut", yPercent: 100, opacity: 0, stagger: 0.015, }); }); paragraph.forEach((paragraph) => { // Reset if needed if (paragraph.anim) { paragraph.anim.progress(1).kill(); paragraph.split.revert(); } paragraph.split = new $SplitText(paragraph, { type: "lines,words,chars", linesClass: "split-line", }); $gsap.set("p", { visibility: "visible", }); paragraph.anim = $gsap.from(paragraph.split.words, { scrollTrigger: { trigger: paragraph, toggleActions: "restart pause resume reverse", start: "top 95%", }, duration: 0.6, ease: "circ.easeOut", yPercent: 100, opacity: 0, stagger: 0.005, }); }); } onMounted(() => { setupSplits(); $ScrollTrigger.addEventListener("refresh", () => { setupSplits(); }); });
  7. Hello, I would like help understanding how to create a hover effect in the text similar to the footer of this site (https://danielvaszka.com/). Can someone help me?
  8. Hello! I want to layout some text on an SVG path and have an animation play in a loop, on hover. On mouse out, the text should go back to its initial state. I used SplitText and the MotionPath plugins in my CodePen and it looks kind of what i want, but i have the following issues: Timeline related: The intended initial layout, is the one you'll see if you comment out addPause (line 44). I thought i'd probably need to change the startTime of the timeline, but that's not working. What am i missing? On mouseout, i'd like to tween the timeline to its initial state (the corrected initial layout), but again not working as expected. Any ideas? SplitText & MotionPath related: Right now the letter & word spacing is off. It's tight to the stagger values. So how can i maintain the default ones? (This animation is intended to work with words of different lengths). Is there a callback i could use onResize that would re-calculate the correct position of the letters? Any help in any of the above would be much appreciated Thanks in advance
  9. Hello Team, we are facing three issues with the SplitText Module. Issue 1: The DOM created by SplitText is not placed in the same position as the original DOM The Original DOM: The DOM created by SplitText: Issue 2: The Word split is not happening based on Whitespace. The words "IS ALL" in the first list items are split like ["I", "S", "AL", "L"] the expected output is ["IS", "ALL"] Issue 3: The Word "There" in the first list items is not underlined in the final output. Kindly note that Note: the user edits all the dom, so we cannot change the DOM structure. CLICK the click here button to start the animation CLICK the reset button to reset the animation and back to its original position.
  10. Hi, I'm rather concerned about splitting a title (Hn) into separate letters. Can Google bots read the HTML generated ? Thanks for your feedback
  11. Hi there! I'm using astro + https://vuejs.org/ components and swup.js for page transitions. I'm also using GSAP for animations I've found a problem while navigating. On first load, text in "TransformAnimation.vue" prints with animation and everything looks and works cool. If I then go to some other page (About, blog..) the text disappears even though js runs and works correctly I thought it was because of swup, but I've seen that if I comment/delete the SplitText GSAP part, the text always appear... I don't get why my GSAP code is deleting the text? :/ I leave a minimal demo(thanks @GreenSock): https://stackblitz.com/edit/testing-astro-swup-vue?file=src%2Flayouts%2FLayout.astro,src%2Fpages%2Findex.astro,src%2Fpages%2Fabout.astro,src%2Fpages%2Fblog%2Findex.astro,src%2Fcomponents%2FTransformAnimation.vue,src%2Fcomponents%2FHeader.astro Thanks!
  12. I modified the official `splitText` example so that the text is not displayed by default, when the `show` button is clicked the text is displayed, when the `disappear` button is clicked the text disappears, then when I click the `show` button again the text is not displayed, I want to click the `disappear` button and then click the `show` button to display the text again, how should I modify it? Thanks
  13. Hello! I've been playing with GSAP on codepen, specifically with the SplitText plugin. Everything works fine in the codepen, Im using a cdn that i found online. But when I install locally via npm, using the gsap-bonus.tgz, it doesnt find the SplitText plugin import { SplitText } from 'gsap/SplitText' Was this plugin deprecated or renamed? Thanks in advance! PS: In the codepen, I'm also trying to achieve the same effect for the split text being used in the following h4 element but on the p tag <h1 class="animated">hello there im animated</h1> I've added an overflowY: hidden to the h1 tag. But its not an optimal solution for when there's more than one lines of text. Was wondering if anyone had any insight as to how to achieve this the GSAP way. <--- Was able to achieve this by adding overflow hidden to inner div elements Thanks in advance!!
  14. Hello... I'm struggling here with such animation that I can't find a solution with CSS, font-stretch is not a solution in this case. At least, is it possible to achieve in web development? It's stretching letters by different positions and angles. Espcieally it's more visible with letter `E` Any help or suggestions please ?
  15. Hello, first time asking here, hope I'll do it well ^^ On my pen, I successfully got a sliptText animation starting when mouseenter the black box. But at first, I was expecting the sliptText animation starting when #creation enters in viewport (using ScrollTrigger) which isn't the case here. Any ideas ?
  16. View the JS panel in the CodePen demo above to see how easy it is to: Split text into words and characters. Pass the chars array into a from() tween for animation. Revert the text back to its pre-split state when you are done animating. Additional features and notes You can specify a new class to be added to each split element and also add an auto-incrementing class like .word1, .word2, .word3 etc. View demo You don't have to manually insert <br>tags, SplitText honors natural line breaks. SplitText doesn't force non-breaking spaces into the divs like many other solutions on the web do. SplitText is not designed to work with SVG <text> nodes. Learn more in our detailed SplitText API documentation. Please visit our SplitText Codepen Collection for more demos of SplitText in action. Where can I get it? SplitText is a membership benefit of Club GreenSock ("Shockingly Green" and "Business Green" levels). Joining Club GreenSock gets you a bunch of other bonus plugins and tools like InertiaPlugin as well, so check out greensock.com/club/ to get details and sign up today. The support of club members has been critical to the success of GreenSock - it's what makes building these tools possible. To learn how to include SplitText into your project, see the GSAP install docs. Demos SplitText Demos
  17. Hello everyone, I'm currently implementing CSP in our Rails application, we're using SplitText VERSION: 0.6.1 and I'm having some issues with it since it applies some inline styles. Is there a way of modifying this code to not use inline styles or a version of SplitText that doesn't have this issue? Stackoverflow question https://stackoverflow.com/questions/73891388/javascript-inline-style-csp-violation
  18. Hi, I have a SVG text and I'd like to animate it as though someone was writing it. I know it'd be easier with paths elements but I have it as tspans instead. I have tried using drawSVG but it seems that only works with paths. Any help is totally appreciated. The SVG code: <g id="Group_80" data-name="Group 80" transform="translate(-649.918 -257.351)"> <g id="Brand" transform="translate(652.062 329.976)"> <text id="Check_me_out_and_see" data-name="Check me out and see" transform="matrix(0.985, -0.174, 0.174, 0.985, 0, 88.908)" stroke="#000" strokeWidth="1" fontSize="65" fontFamily="Satisfy-Regular, Satisfy" > <tspan x="0" y="61" ref={bstext}> Check me{' '} </tspan> <tspan x="0" y="155"> out and{' '} </tspan> <tspan x="0" y="249"> see </tspan> </text> </g> A screenshot: Thanks
  19. Hello Team , Why does onStart callBack is triggered for the first element passed in array. tl.set([...chars], { opacity: 0 }) tl.to([...chars],{ opacity: 1, ease: Linear.easeNone, willChange: "transform, opacity", immediateRender: false, onStart: placeHand, stagger:duration / chars.length, duration : (duration/chars.length) }); in version 2 it gets called for every element that has been included in the array, if in v3 it triggers only for the first element then what will be the fix, i want to call the onStart callback for every element in the array.
  20. Hi all, I have a working prototype using GSAP SplitText (displayed at the bottom of this post) which stagger-reveals a title, by changing position and opacity of each letter individually. What I'd like to do is mimic the text reveal animation here: http://loveforiceland.com/ which animates each line simultaneously while still stagger-revealing each letter. And the way the letters are revealed are by moving up from behind a kind of mask instead of fading in by animating the letter's opacity. This example gets close: https://codepen.io/camcgreen/pen/qBqMPQp but reveals each line as a whole instead of letter-by-letter. Additional requirements: 1. <a> tags be preserved in the title (as they are in my prototype) 2. The title must be responsive which I imagine means the initial markup can't be grouped by line since line breaks will depend on screen width. Is this possible with GSAP? Thanks!
  21. Hi there! I have prepared a codepen that will hopefully help find the solution to my problem. I am using both ScrollTrigger and SplitText to try to animate some text. My goal is to do the following: 1. Have the first h1 animate into the page when the page loads. 2. Once the user scrolls down a bit, the h1 will animate out and the h2 will then animate into the page. This "works". The issue is once you scroll back up. When you scroll back up the h2 will animate out and the h1 will animate back in, however the h1's first character will not be visible. I noticed that if I comment out the first part of my timeline (the from()), it then works perfectly, however I can't seem to get it to work if I animate the h1 when the page loads. Here's another codepen showing what I just mentioned above (commenting from()): https://codepen.io/julienkos/pen/MWEVvQE. Please let me know if you can help! I appreciate it.
  22. Hi! I'm having problems with some Vue components in Nuxt and SplitText. I'll try to explain: I have a global mixin that detects all [data-animation] elements with the scroll and fire an specific animation. Some of these elements are components and ha. This works fine when I use opacity, X and Y, scale, etc... but when I use Split Text it doesn't. I got an hydrate error and the animation doesn't work. This is the code for the animation: if (elm.dataset.animation === 'lines-down-up-mask'){ var split = new SplitText(elm, { type: "lines", linesClass: 'lineParent' }); var split_parent = new SplitText(elm.getElementsByClassName('lineParent'), { type: "lines", charsClass: 'lineChild' }); gsap.set(split_parent.lines, { y: '110%' }); gsap.to(split_parent.lines, { scrollTrigger: { trigger: elm, scrub: false, start: 'top bottom', }, stagger: { each: 0.1, ease: 'power1.in', y: 0, }, onComplete: function(){ split.revert(); } }); } This is one of the components: <Partners data-bg-color="white" data-text-color="black" data-logo-color="black" data-scroll-section :title="partnerList.title" :partners="partners" /> And inside the component I have this: <template> <section class="partners"> <div class="headline headline--4 partners__title" data-animation="lines-down-up-mask">{{ title }}</div> <MovingMarquee :images="partners" partner_logos /> </section> </template> I hope someone could help me, because I don't know why it happens :( Thanks
  23. Hello, I'm encountering what I believe is a very similar issue to this thread, but I can't seem to get the applicable part of the solution to work in my context. I have some large hero copy in a narrow container with a hyphenated word that SplitText is unable to break apart. From what I'm reading in the linked thread, this is happening because the one "word" cannot be split into multiple divs, so I need to swap in a non-breaking dash character in for the regular one, but I'm not having luck pulling that part out into my demo. Attached a couple of screenshots in case the hyphenated word is not rendering at the same spot on your end in the Codepen example.
  24. I have this issue with SplitText where the text inside a <span> is breaking into another line and I have no idea how to fix it. According to the docs they spans shouldn't be a problem, but I don't know what is causing this In my example, the "this is the THIRD line" should be on the same line
  25. Hey guys, I'm using SplitText plugin to show like a typing animation, the problem is that sometimes I have buttons inside the paragraph and the plugin is also typing those character when I don't need the text inside the buttons to have that animation. It's there a way to get avoid that text to be splited? I try several techniques, one was to remove the paragraph with the buttons outside of the SplitText animation, the problem there is that I need the movement to the next line
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