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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone ! I am planning to create this sort of website (refer to the video linked below) where as you can see the mockup of a phone, so in that phone, a lottie animation should run when the user scrolls down and in the right, you can see the heading and some description, while scrolling down, the phone's mockup is stuck through out and doesn't get scrolled down, only the animation inside it runs while the right side of the page (heading and text and all) gets scrolled down. (The phone part is what I have been able to pull off so far, but I am stuck with the part on the right) Please let me know how can I achieve this ? Thank you a lot in advance. @GSAP Helper @OSUblake (sorry for the audio in the video, kindly ignore)
  2. Hello, got a problem with creating an animation of mine: i have a vertical slides scrollDown-like tween, that has slides of height: 100vh (fullscreen) that i have to snap to screen as slide, and i have to lock scrolling down the slides, when the current slide (that has snapped on center screen) contains an inner div (overflow-y: hidden) that has lots of text, and it has to scroll down (mousewheel commanded) to the end of text before releasing the slides scroll. Of course everything is scrubbed if the scroll is reversed to the top. I have the HEADER + INTRO content which are not slides related content, and the FOOTER that ends the page, that also is not scroll related. Can it be achieved somehow?
  3. Webschmiede

    Flying rocket

    Hello guys, i'm a total newbie to this forum so i hope i'm doing this right. i tried to create a codepen link, but it just didn't worked out. what i want: while scrolling the page the rocket should slowly fly from bottom to top and on click the rocket turns around flys back to the bottom and again turns around. and so on. what my rocket does: flys from top to bottom while scrolling and i'm not able to turn it around on click. Does anyone have an idea what i can do? I'm thankful for any tip
  4. Hi, I am running through a few issues trying to reset animate when scrolling up. - When I scroll down the page, the ball is revolving from up to down. and the ball is revolving down to up when scrolling up. - But I would like the ball should be reset when the user scrolls up the page on any point. - Animation won't work on scroll up. - e.g. when the ball is on any point (to) like second, third, fourth any step. and user scrolling up that time then ball animation should be reset or the ball goes on the first step. And the ball should be starting from up to down when scrolling down again. - Ball should not work reverse on scroll up. I can't figure out how I can do this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey GS community, I'm a complete novice when it comes down to using GSAP. I am trying to recreate this 'back to top' functionality, which seems to have a pullback effect like a pinball machine before it launches. I believe it's using the same GSAP plugins, but it is compiled in webpack which makes it hard for me to decipher. Here is the link to the example as mentioned. If you scroll down to the footer, there should be a clickable arrow which triggers the back to top action. https://maximilianberndt.com/dreamDiary.html My question is how do I reproduce this with the code I have on Codepen. https://codepen.io/brnlmco/pen/OJJXzOR Thanks!
  6. Hi, I'm using scrollTop on a div and would like the native scroll bar to show on mobile. It does on the desktop and Chrome on Android 4.1.2 but doesn't on iOS 7.1.1 on iPhone 4S in either Safari or Chrome. I have set -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch in the css but it's not helping. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Hi there, I have seen many sites that let you smoothly scroll a webpage up and down when you click on navigation buttons. I was wondering how I would go about this with the new Greensock JS. I have had no luck, and also all the examples I have looked at scroll to the location of a div. Is there no way I can just set a value or height property instead. Like scrollTo 1000px. I already have my function set up so I just need the animate scroll code. $('#box1').click(function(){ // Code goes here }) Thanks for your help Will P.s. Sorry I just moved this post to here, realised I posted this in the wrong area of the forum before.
  8. I'm playing with Draggable and trying to use scrollTop as the type but it's not working. If I remove the type it works fine (or set it to any other type except scrollLeft). Any ideas? http://jsfiddle.net/Krcd6/4/
  9. I have created a sample for it: http://codepen.io/vincentccw/pen/vLIGh If you look into my javascript panel I have 2set of codes, one using jquery and GSAP another is just jquery(comment out). The code will be active once use scroll down using mouse wheel. My question is how do I use scrollTop but completely in GSAP? As I think GSAP is more readable and animate faster and most importantly I can set up more complex animation at the same time.
  10. Hi all! Today I was trying to execute some instructions on manual scroll event, avoiding the scroll animation performed by TweenMax. I attempted to initialize a boolean variable, which is false during the TweenMax animation and is restored to true "onComplete". On $(window).on("scroll") I checked the status of the variable. I found out that a scroll even was triggered even when my status variable was already returned to true: after some tests, it turns out that it's TweenMax itself. I tried on an empty page, reporting the following code in Firebug console, and looks like after the "hi" reported by TweenMax onComplete, another scroll event is triggered. $(window).on("scroll", function(){console.log ("scroll");}); TweenMax.to(window, 1, { scrollTo: { y: 500 }, ease: Linear.easeNone, onComplete: function () { console.log("hi!"); } }); I wouldn't expect this behavior: why does this happen? Thanks in advance! Massi
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