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Found 6 results

  1. Hello team , i'm trying to achieve e 3d cube rotation using gsap v3 tween methods, in this demo i'm rotating a cube by applying 3d css properties to the element. t1.current = gsap.timeline({paused : true}); t1.current.add(gsap.to(["#scene01","#scene02"],{ transformPerspective: 450 , transformStyle: "preserve-3d", backfaceVisibility: "hidden", transformOrigin: `50% 50% -${450 / 2}`, duration:0.000001 }),0) t1.current.add(gsap.to("#scene01",{ rotationY: -90,opacity :0.5, duration: 0.8 }),0); t1.current.add(gsap.fromTo("#scene02",{rotationY:90},{ rotationY: 0, duration: 0.8, onComplete: () => gsap.set("#scene02", {clearProps: "transformPerspective,transformOrigin"}) }),0); t1.current.play() by the end of "#scene02" i clear the transformPerspective,transformOrigin props using clearProps, if i try to seek to the time 0.2 "#scene02" looses its 3d perspective and showing a 2d rotation, clearing the props is crucial to business logic. Anyway i'm clearing the 3d css properties for scene-2 only in the onComplete callBack, by the duration of 0.2 , scene02 should still has its 3d css properties right. if not what is the solution for it.
  2. GreenSock


    With the help of the CSSPlugin, GSAP can animate almost any CSS-related property of DOM elements including the obvious things like width, height, margin, padding, top, left, and more plus more interesting things like transforms (rotation, scaleX, scaleY, skewX, skewY, x, y, rotationX, and rotationY), colors, opacity, and lots more. Because animating DOM elements in the browser is so common, GSAP automatically checks to see if the target is a DOM element and if it is (and you haven't already defined a "css" object in the vars parameter), the engine creates that css object for you and shifts any properties that aren't reserved (like onComplete, ease, delay, etc. or plugin keywords like scrollTo, morphSVG, pixi, etc.) into that css object when the tween renders for the first time. We recommend using the more concise style that omits the css:{} object but be aware that either style is acceptable. Learn more in the CSSPlugin documentation.
  3. Please, could You explain me why the rotationX params doesn't fit like rotationY & rotationZ in my 3D cube test?
  4. Newbie here. When using transformPerspective + fromTo and setting alpha:0 to alpha:1 tween never happens. But if alpha value is never set or alpha is 1 to 1 everything works just fine . This is only in FF.
  5. Hi, The new Chrome has a matrix3D bug and the solution would be to set -webkit-transform: perspective(xxxx). I tried to use the TweenLite.set(element, {transformPerspective:500}); but isnt working. Also if i add manually the gsap removes it when the animation starts. If you check this: http://demo.minic.ro/modules/isntauro in chrome you can see the bug. The solution is to add the transform perspective to the ".back" element. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  6. i need the tranformation shown in this tutorial .. the 2nd one in transformPerspective Vs perspective http://www.greensock.com/css3/ TweenMax.to(box2, 3, {rotationY:360, transformOrigin:"left 50% -200"}) please i am new to this , so if anyone can give me example done with that transformation using a image instead of the box...please help me out.. my email id - alexsmithsti@gmail.com
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