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Polygon Tween not working in React

n.watanabe test
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Hi. I use GSAP v3 with NextJS. I found that a gsap.to(duration, {"clip-path": polygon(...)} doesn't work well with ReactJS, which works on pure html/javascript/css environment (A working demo in pure html/javascript/css can be found in an answer by OSUblake in my previous question[1]. It has also other movements.)

In my attached demo, the top left corner moves from the left to right. However, :before element should expand from the top to the bottom. i.e. the bottom line should move from the top to the bottom.

Is this a bug or I'm using GSAP and React wrongly? I attached reproducible codepen in ReactJS.

Thank you in advance and sorry for continuous submissions.




I found related three articles that can help understanding using ReactJS and GSAP together.






See the Pen popbKRO?editors=1111 by asterisk37n (@asterisk37n) on CodePen

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