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  1. Strange I would have assumed it was routing between pages seeing as it's using barba.js https://barba.js.org/ That's the first place to start, GSAP can help you animate things, but barba (or a similar solution) is what you need to animate things between pages This example from the Barba docs shows how it works https://barba.js.org/docs/advanced/third-party/#Scroll-Trigger
  2. Hi there! Have you tried removing all GSAP animations from your site and checking to see if the error's are still there? Just to make certain that this is a GSAP issue? This seems like you've probably got some JS somewhere that's causing a performance bottleneck The only other red flag here is that SVG is quite hard on performance and if you're animating a BIG SVG, infinitely, that might cause some issues. When I'm animating SVG I make sure to pause() the animation when the elements aren't in view which helps. Aside from this, how I'd approach this is just by removing animations and bits of JS until the problem goes away, and then layering stuff back in until it breaks. Good luck!
  3. There's a tutorial here which looks like it may be useful? https://webflow.com/made-in-webflow/website/barba-flip It is in webflow but it might have some useful tips?
  4. Hi there! Yes this is 10000% a use for page transitions. I'm afraid I'm not super clued up on astro but you can do page transitions with something like barba.js or swup (also natively using the shared element transitions API, but that's only available in chrome) If I were you I'd work on the page transition first, then once you've got that sorted, fire it off using ScrollTrigger when you hit the bottom of a page.
  5. Hey Christina! I've rewritten this a little for you, https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/LYoOjLr?editors=0010 Some notes & further reading. Use transforms where possible instead of width/height/margin etc as it's better for performance (smoother animation) This solution is based on a technique called staggered staggers which @Carl from the wonderful creative coding club explains here https://www.snorkl.tv/greensock-staggers-with-seamless-loops/ This thread covers more details about your particular use case, where you have images overlapping and z-index changes Hope this helps to give you a better starting point!
  6. Cassie

    Error in docs

    Thanks! I'll get this updated 💚
  7. Cassie

    x-axis issue

    Hey, The solution in in the JS panel of that demo, so this (working solution) gsap.to(boxes, { x: () => window.innerWidth - boxes[boxes.length - 1].getBoundingClientRect().right, ease: "none", scrollTrigger: { trigger: ".content-wrapper", start: "top top", end: "200% bottom", pin: true, scrub: true, markers: true, invalidateOnRefresh: true } }); rather than this (your solution) gsap.to(".box", { x:".jani", ease: "power1.inOut", scrollTrigger: { trigger: ".content-wrapper", start: "top top", end: "200% bottom", pin: true, scrub: true, markers: true } });
  8. Hi there - You can handle all of that in a timeline rather than trying to set CSS properties. https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/rNgGaNz?editors=0110 For more control over timing take a look at the position parameter
  9. Hey there! So, you're animating a filter here which unfortunately is a big old performance drain. Probably THE worst thing to animate on the web. I've had success animating filters on very small elements over very short amounts of time, but here you're animating elements that take up the whole viewport, for the entire duration of the scroll. The larger the area of change, and the longer the animation time, the more the browser's going struggle. Things that are reliably performant are opacity and transforms. Anything else is a bit of a 'test it out and see' kinda deal. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but luckily, if you remove the filter, your card animation will work much better!
  10. Hey! You're not really dealing with hover as you're in JS land, so "hover" is mouseenter and mouseleave events You could try something like this? https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/wvbrvqO?editors=0010 FYI If you're using ScrollTrigger there's a handy util to find out if your user is on a touch device https://gsap.com/docs/v3/Plugins/ScrollTrigger/static.isTouch/
  11. Hey there - I'm not sure that I can replicate this. Just to make sure we're on the same page, is this hat you're seeing or is the scroll completely locked up for a certain period of time? RPReplay_Final1718027418.mp4
  12. Can you detail steps to recreate and what you're seeing? Everything looks a ok to me on the latest chrome
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