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GSAP helped me get my first job 🥳

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Whew... 2023's been quite a ride so far.


On november 24th, 2021, I bought an HTML and CSS course on Udemy. Coming from a career that I hated, it was a relief to find something that I actually enjoyed doing.


HTML/CSS naturally led me to JS, then the whole thing flipped upside down with React and I was learning so many interesting things. Then came Node and I finally could make more ambitious things.


I am not a designer and my creations never turned out the way I wanted, so I ended up moving away from the front end. But one day I found this website called Awwwards and I saw things that defied everything I've ever learned.


Obviously it took me like 3 minutes to find a green library that looked like magic. And the craziest thing is that it appeared to be... Easy to use? 🤨


I spent a month trying out different things. Made a website that has 0 design cohesion (but cool and poorly performant animations) and learned a lot.


Got invited to an interview this week. It went great and a couple of hours afterwards they called to tell me I was the one. A part of the interview was specifically about the website with the "interesting" animations that I created and they liked what they saw.


I'll start next Monday.


So yeah, thank you all for being awesome!


P.S.: in due time I will explain to them how getting me into the Club GreenSock is in the company's best interest.

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@mvaneijgen it's at https://lucaslamonier.com/

Open at your own risk. For a better (actually worse) experience try opening it on a smartphone. 😅


This page was really an experiment, I wanted to try as many crazy things as possible. I am now working on a version that will be more elegant and advanced (GSAP context, matchmedia...).


@Cassie thank you so much! 😄

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@Lamonier that's amazing! Thanks so much for sharing the good news. Congratulations on landing the job. It's nice to know that GSAP played a tiny role in that. 


I sure appreciate you advocating for the company signing up for Club GreenSock. If you need some help showing them how it'll make them a lot more money than it'll cost them, let us know. This page might be helpful:



Good luck at the new job. Animate responsibly ;)

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Hi @Lamonier


Congrats on the new job and thanks for sharing the site. I really enjoyed the variety of animations.


I'm going to have to use this as "Exhibit A" for when people ask me why I don't give certificates for my courses.


Just the other day I replied to a potential student by saying that "as a former employer I would MUCH rather someone proved competence and effort through a small gallery of examples than be shown a certificate". Your site and experience landing the job is the PERFECT example of this.


While I'm here, I'll also add that playing a bunch of videos that you paid for (even mine) is not much of an accomplishment. It takes no skill and doesn't prove anything.


I guess that's the end of my Ted Talk as the kids say. ha. 


Keep up the great work!





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3 hours ago, NickWoodward said:

great site, like the code effect at the bottom

oh, and congrats! hopefully I'm just behind you in the job hunt :)

Thanks, @NickWoodward. I used React, so it was "easier". My approach was to split strings and wrap each individual character with a <span>. Then selected them all and a stagger of 0.3 (or 0.5) made all the magic happen.

You have to set white-space: pre; on your targeted spans or else the spans that contain only a space will collapse.


Thank you, @GreenSock! Sure will do! 


Woah, @Carl! That means a lot. Thank you very very much!

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@Lamonier Congrats on the J.O.B! That's awesome!


I opened that link expecting a disaster with random animations and all kinds of craziness but what you have built is epic! I'm currently re-building my portfolio and messing with some GSAP animations.. I can only hope my results look as cool as yours :D


Good luck on the new chapter! 🥳

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@Lamonier Absolutely! I'd love to see the parts you used to make up your site. I used a bunch of similar sites to get inspiration for my portfolio design, which I'm trying to code up. Trying to get React (or in my case, Nextjs) to work well with GSAP is a nightmare. The "context" addition helps with some of the pain points but React is still painful to animate. You did an awesome job!



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@Lamonier I'm almost done with it. TypeScript has been a huge pain in the butt so it slowed me up a ton trying to fix the errors. I'm working on a slider thing right now, then I'll add some animations on the other pages and it will be ready to go live. (then I'll be bugging you to test it and make suggestions lol)

Trying to make a slider with GSAP in Nextjs13, pulling the image src from a prop containing a list, is a lot more work than I expected 😬

I've always got ideas bigger than my skills but that's what makes me improve I guess :D


@MichaelVazquez I'm always looking for good companies to work for but they're hard to find. If you're not picky, put together a beefy portfolio like Lamonier said, and join the big job sites. Every time something comes along that has some of your skill set, apply for it. Seems to be a game of "beat the algorithm" these days. I wish you luck!

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@RawrBear that sounds like a challenge, but also a lot of fun.

Having ideas and not being able (yet) of implementing them is awesome. Means you always have something to strive for. I'm somewhat short on ideas so coming up with something is already a challenge.

Now for typescript, my naive JS brain thinks it's silly to write that bunch of stuff. However, I've been through some really hard times while making a Discord bot because I kept passing wrong things to functions. It would've saved me a lot of time.

The huge majority of libraries on NPM is adopting TS, so it has got to be good 😅

I started studying it on my free time and it's been easy, until I write code on my own.

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