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SVG height and width tweening, based on child element's center

Matt Severin test
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I want to update the y position so that there's the illusion of the svg <rect>'s height is increasing from the center, not the top. So I'd like to perform an onUpdate that repositions 'y' based on the <rect>'s current height. But I don't know how to target the <rect>'s y attribute.

for example: 

gsap.from('#rect1', {duration:.5, attr:{height:20}, onUpdate:function(){"this updates '#rect1' y position"}});

In this example I want the onUpdate to always target the object I'm tweening, no matter what it's labeled. I'm finidng it difficult to target the y pos in a nested SVG element.

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Hey Craig I appreciate you taking the time. And you're in the ballpark, just not at the mound.

So I specifically need to update the Y position in an 'onUpdate:' function because there is a series of tweens that I am performing, in order, on the same target. Basically it's a very customized elastic animation that I'm deriving from an After Effects file. CustomEase won't cut it here. So I need to update y... onUpdate.

2nd, I need to do this to multiple <rect>s so, I need the onUpdate function to work on any <rect> in the SVG, so I need that function to be modular to the targeted <rect>.

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