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REASON to use the gsap lib given it's big file size

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hi there, I love the animations you can do with gsap but i'm afraid the module size is way over the limit we have here which tops at 15k per lib and at 35+ it's going to be a big job convincing my back-end friends to let me. use the lib. can you offer some advice as to what kind of reason other than great animations to use to convince the powers that be to allow the use of this beautiful lib. I'm working on a prototype demo using a dynamic progress bar but any advice will be greatly appreciated.



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Alright, here's the blog post link, hot off the press: 


Does that give you the kind of ammo you need to convince your "backend friends" and "the powers that be"? :)


Also, you mentioned 35+ so I wonder if you're using a really old version(?). GSAP 2 was around 35kb, but GSAP 3 is under 23kb gzipped and minified even though it has a ton of new features. We rebuilt it from the ground up to make it very modern (ES Modules) and efficient. 


If you do get push-back from anyone there, I'd be very curious to hear about any specifics you could offer. It helps us understand what the concerns are in the marketplace and whether or not we're communicating the value proposition well. 

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That was a nice read. I think it deserved a reply: thank you!


Lately I've mostly been working with React, and there's a big temptation to switch to something like Framer Motion, which is built for such frameworks. But this afternoon I was trying to accomplish something with both libraries to see which one would get me there faster. I definitely appreciate your great tutorials that are so clear and easy to digest, thanks to them I managed to achieve my goal much faster.

Your great learning materials and the forums make a big difference when deciding to pick an animation library.


Again, just wanted to say thanks!

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A funny anecdote is that a few years ago I kept the memory of your website as the "developer who had a nice animated logo and she made a tutorial about it", but I forgot your name so I couldn't find it. And then sometime later you popped up on GSAP tutorials and it was a nice way to find you again. Your videos are great!

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