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Ihatetomatoes "Practical GreenSock" Tutorials - Giveaway

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First of all GSAP is a great tool that gives us so much power when it comes to creative coding.


That makes it a pleasure to work with, that's why I had a great time putting these courses together.


But it would not be possible without the help of this forum, @GreenSock, @PointC, @Carl, @ZachSaucier, @OSUblake and others. Thank you! 🙏

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15 hours ago, Ihatetomatoes said:

Anyway hope this looks much better now 😄

While your a handsome dood, I really love your brand! Just saying having a <to/mo> in there would not hurt ;) .


Not why I am posting though, wanted to saying thanks ( again!!)  for doing such a great offer and give away. I am proud to say I took advantage of the offer since I did not win the give away. I am really looking forward to continuing my GreenSock education and use!!


Only 14 hours left to get in on this amazing value, I highly recommend it !! https://ihatetomatoes.net/get-practical-greensock/




PS. Really looking forward to learning from Carl's Creative Coding Club too!! just overjoyed right now, can you guys tell?!? 




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18 minutes ago, PointC said:

@b1Mind Try not to watch videos by Petr and Carl on the same day. They just present too much good information and if it all comes at once, you may rip a hole in the space-time continuum. 

True. Plus their rugged handsomeness will make you feel terrible about yourself by comparison. 

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