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Hi there!


Im looking for a professional to start a partnership.
I have a demand of a new customer that needs a Full Stack Developer that are very skilled in
Greensock and/or Adobe Animate.


This project will be for a world known company that leads his market, so its a great opportunity.
At this moment we need two person to deal the amount of work we will have if we got this contract.

The customer said about 150 projects a month.


I'd like to be very clear about all details. This is a project in  building step, and I need your help to make it happens.
The company still don't provided too much information about what need to be created.

Basicaly will be lots of animated banners and some web interations.

You can see a sample of their work here:



So, what I need ASAP is two people that can embrace this partnership to

we can got this great contract and make some money togheter.

Please, take a look in the demo reel above and send me some prices bases in

hour fee and fixed project so I can send a budget to the client.


I'm going to the last meeting to make the deal and to make the

things happen I need to have this team fullfiled.


Thanks for your attention in advance



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I would like to say that I started a partnership with warkentien2.


Thanks to everyone who answered me, here or in private.
I found many excellent professionals!


Also many thanks to greensock.com for make these interactions possible.


Until the next.

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