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Quick Start



Minimal usage

//replaces yourElement's text with "This is the new text", {
duration: 2,
text: "This is the new text",
ease: "none",

Replaces the text content of a DOM element one character at a time (or one word at a time if you set delimiter: " "). So when the tween is finished, the DOM element's text has been completely replaced. This also means that if you rewind or restart the tween, the text will be reverted.

Here is a simple example of replacing the text in yourElement:

//replaces yourElement's text with "This is the new text" over the course of 2 seconds, {
duration: 2,
text: "This is the new text",
ease: "none",

Special Properties

For advanced usage, set text to an object (like text:{...}) with any of the following properties:



  • delimiter

    The character that should be used to split the text up. The default is "", so each character is isolated but if you'd prefer to animate in word-by-word instead you can use the space character, like
    //replaces word-by-word because the delimiter is " " (a space)"#element", {     duration: 2,     text: {         value: "This is the new text",         delimiter: " "     },     ease: "none" });
  • newClass

    A CSS class that should be applied to the new text via a tag. This makes it easy to have the new text differentiated visually from the old text, like maybe it should be red or bold or something - just create a class in your CSS and pass the name in here like
    //wraps the old text in  and the new text in a"#element", {     duration: 2,     text: {         value: "This is the new text",         newClass: "class2",         oldClass: "class1"     },     ease: "power2" });
  • oldClass

    A CSS class that should be applied to the old text via a tag.
  • padSpace

    If the new text is shorter than the old text, it can be useful to pad the trailing space with non-breaking space HTML characters so that the old text doesn't collapse. If that's the effect you want, set padSpace: true inside the text object.
  • preserveSpaces

    If true, it will force TextPlugin to maintain extra spaces, swapping in to make them show up in HTML.
  • rtl

    if true, the text will be introduced from right-to-left (reverse order). See a demo here
  • speed

    Automatically adjust the duration of the tween according to how many changes there are in the text; a value of 1 is relatively slow, and a value of 20 is very fast. Without this feature, you'd need to specify a duration for the tween and it might be difficult to guess what looks good (animating 10 characters over 2 seconds looks VERY different than animating 500 in the same amount of time). In other words, speed lets you think more in terms of "changes per unit of time". Technically the formula is "0.05 / speed * text_changes".
  • type

    If you'd like to only animate the differences in the text (skipping all of the character positions that are identical between the start and end strings), set type: "diff" (new in GSAP 3.0.4). If, for example, the first 50 characters are the same it might look like the animation is delayed because it's going character-by-character from the start, so type: "diff" solves that by skipping all the identical parts.
  • value

    The replacement text string, like "This is the new text" (REQUIRED)
Use the object syntax for special properties

If you use any of the special properties above, make sure you put them inside their own object, not inside the main vars object, like this:

//GOOD:, {
duration: 1,
text: {
value: "Your new text",
newClass: "class2",
delimiter: " ",

//BAD:, {
duration: 1,
text: "Your new text",
newClass: "class2",
delimiter: " ",

TextPlugin will recognize simple HTML nodes like <br> and honor them (new in GSAP 3.0.4).



How do I include TextPlugin in my project?

See the installation page for all the options (CDN, NPM, download, etc.) where there's even an interactive helper that provides the necessary code. Easy peasy. Don't forget to register TextPlugin like this in your project:


Is this included in the GSAP core?

No, you must load/import it separately

Is this only for Club GSAP members?

No, it's available to everyone for free! But Club GSAP is pretty awesome...just sayin'.

It works fine during development, but suddenly stops working in the production build! What do I do?

Your build tool is probably dropping the plugin when tree shaking and you forgot to register TextPlugin (which protects it from tree shaking). Just register the plugin like this:


Is it bad to register a plugin multiple times?

No, it's perfectly fine. It doesn't help anything, nor does it hurt.