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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. I've been stuck for a while on this. The goal is to tween a bubble coming from one circle to another circle while having a 'goo' effect at the exit and entry points. For the filter to have effect, I must place the bubble circle within the starting circle's group, then at some point before the bubble finished following it's designated path, remove it from that starting circle's group, apply the filter to the end circle, and append the bubble to the end circle's group. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to do this while maintaining a smooth animation?
  2. Hi! I'm trying to bevel (extrude) and carve (cut into the page) this shape as an animated button. I have more complex shapes to do this with, which is why I came up with this layer stacking approach. I'd love to hear better ones! I've also used this approach with images, which one can smear & darken this way, a nice effect when used with textured images! My ask is about the few frames that the shape is closest to being "flush" with the panel it's on/in. When masking between the bevel / carve parts, we see an aliasing artefact that is made worse by it being so close, in time, to the other state. When the white part pops out, it's a bit "fat", and when it's going in, the dark part is visible at the edges. The glitchyness is most noticeable on non-retina screens. Would you have any idea on how to make the less extreme states of this animation less glitchy?
  3. I've seen lots of posts on Stack Overflow as well as here regarding animating motion blur. I wanted to share my codepen in case it helps someone else or spurs a thought that leads to a better solution. It's not the pithiest code and I'm sure I'll end up tweaking it once I get it into my Electron app. The only thing I noticed, and it's not as big of a deal to me since I'm using an Electron app that only uses Chromium, but FireFox isn't showing the underlying elements. If you run inspector you can see that they're being animated and positioned properly but they don't show up. Not sure what the issue is. If I use createElementNS to create the div elements it doesn't utilize the blur filter in Chrome. But, if I don't use createElementNS to create the filters, it doesn't work in Chrome. Thoughts?
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