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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone ?, I am new to GSAP and I have a question in using the club member plugins after the membership is over. I am a freelancer and create websites for clients (already using the free plugins). I think about becoming a member with the ShockinglyGreen Plan to get acccess to all the bonus plugins. I have already read many answers in the forum but I am not 100% sure. I know that a member with the ShockinglyGreen Plan is allowed to create websites for his clients and the plugins on these websites will still work after his membership is over. He is not allowed to create for example templates with the plugins and selling them. So my question is: If my membership with the ShockinglyGreen plan will be over after one year, am I still allowed to use these bonus plugins for creating new websites for clients without beeing a member? I know that I won't get updates and so on, but am I still allowed to use the plugins I got during my membership? I want also to add that I really love GSAP and the work behind the multiple plugins. Your work is really great and I really appreciate that :). Thanks in advance for your answer?.
  2. We are looking for GSAP (Greensock) Animator to create an effect like this https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1040785964-3d-rendering-2019-color-year-hexagon-seamless.We'll add the animation to our product login screen. There's a picture of this screen attached, which is also a reference of the color for the hexagons.This codepen effect might be helpful, but it's not exactly what we are looking for, because it doesn't have a wave.https://codepen.io/aslan11/pen/IxLDJThe idea is that the animation will happen when the user clicks on the "Log in" button.We want this to be done with GSAP, but we are open to other technologies such as animated svg as long as it has a good result. The deadline for this project would be up to 3 weeks. Payment: fixed price, open to proposals.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a GSAP developer who could create a full screen interactive module as illustrated in the attached video clip. The site is already in development but we need help with this more advanced module that will be embedded in the home page hero banner. Experience required: - GSAP - Preloader animation with progress bar - Video controlling (play, pause, etc) - SVG animation It would need to be completed in approximately 3 weeks time. All assets, including images, SVGs and video clips would be supplied. Please watch through the short video example of what we are after and if you feel this is something you could develop for us please contact me as soon as possible to arrange a Skype chat. Note: there are two sides "Precision" and "Unleashed". Clicking on each word expands the relevant side and plays the video. Please also ignore the logo in top right, the button in bottom center, as well as the mail icon in bottom right. If you have any questions please comment below. Looking forward to working with one of you geniuses Thanks, Andy
  4. Hello, I am looking to have this online calculator developed into something more like this. The aim of the form is to capture leads so I would like to capture their email before showing the results. Email validation is preferable so they can't receive results with a bogus email. Details captured to be sent to hubspot via API or zapier integration. We have an in-house graphic designer who can provide graphic assets. If this sounds like a project that you may be able to assist with, I would love to hear from you! Marcus marcus.v@space7.com.au
  5. HI there, I am looking for a greensock freelancer to help create a svg map with animation wrapped in a react component to pass highlighted locations on the map down to it. Think a 2d version of this for inspiration: http://launchit.shanemielke.com/ Any recommendations of people that would be interested also would be highly appreciated. Thanks, Lukas
  6. Hello Guys! We are an e-commerce company, and we are producing videos for online stores (usually dynamic videos with adaptive content in real time). Up until now we were using After Effects for our video templates, but now we want to move to Greensock animations instead. The videos contain product images, transitions, text effects etc We are looking for a freelancer who can "translate" such videos into a Greensock animation. (we will then convert those animations to mp4) This is a video template, which means we need to be able to replace the text and the images easily. It is a recurring task because we are adding new templates from time to time, so long term relationship can be great for us. Thanks
  7. Dear Greensock Pros, We are developing a Formular 1 Race Game. The game is mostly of strategic nature but as a visualisation we also want to show the final races in a very plain and 2Dish style like shown in the codepen. We would like to pass an array of objects to GSAP-Module with all the data of the 18 participating drivers: id name avg time (this player will need for one round based on his settings) pitstops (array of lap numbers in which the players plans to do pitstops) pitstop delay (s) probability of accident probability of technical problems All the GSAP has to do now is to animate those 18 dots along the SVG track according to the avg time every player needs for each round, which should have a little fluctuation, maybe 2%, each round. We dont have to show a realistic movement (slower in curves and faster on straights) but if that can be done easily it would look nicer. The dynamically drawn course color based on speed as shown in the pen is NOT neccessary. A plain black track would do just fine. If one of the two events (accident or technical problems) happen the car slows down and comes to a halt. On rounds stated as pitstop rounds, the car should follow a second SVG track which is identical to the first one, but has a pitstop-lane instead (compare: http://internet-agentur-bodensee.com/intern/pm/f1/trackItaly.html). The car will slow down on the pitstop lane and stop there for the players pitstop delay time. Afterwards it will resume the race. After a predefined number of rounds (48 to 62) the reace is over. Meanwhile the script should fill another array with the race times of each player. Thats it... I am looking forward to your proposal and will be glad to answer questions if there are any. Greez Daniel
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