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  1. Guest

    Video Scroll Animation

    Where can I find a tutorial or maybe docs or blogs where I can learn how to make a video be animated on scroll. Like every time I scroll the video runs 1 or 2 frames. I am also interested in animating movement of elements on scroll. Let's say I have 3 card and as I scroll the care apea one by one when I scroll from a position of X= -100 to X= 0 while the hole scrolled is sopped. In other wards when the uses get to a point the normal scroll stops and as they scroll the card move from right to left raveling themself and moving into their position and ten the normal scrolling behavior start again. An example would be https://zoox.com/ . Thank you!
  2. Hello, after Chrome last update, my code doesn't work anymore. Video is flickering on scroll. I activated controls on video to check the correct animation of GSAP and all seems to be good but video doesn't follow scroll correctly and needs seconds to align with the scroll position. Video is encoded correctly and since 5/6 day ago, it worked correctly an all devices and browsers. On Safari, for example, it works correctly. It seems that the problem is related to Chrome on Mac. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks so much. Here's the code to play video on scrub. //GESTISCO IL PLAY/PAUSE DEL VIDEO SECONDO LO SCROLL let video = document.querySelector('#thevideo'); let sections = document.querySelectorAll('.gsap--section'); /* Make sure the video is 'activated' on iOS */ function once(el, event, fn, opts) { var onceFn = function (e) { el.removeEventListener(event, onceFn); fn.apply(this, arguments); }; el.addEventListener(event, onceFn, opts); return onceFn; } video.play(); // must call .play() first, otherwise it won't trigger things to be scrubbable (weird) video.pause(); var containerH = $(".gsap--outer").outerHeight(); //TIMELINE const videoTl = gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { scroller: '.inner-site', pinType: 'fixed', anticipatePin: 1, trigger: ".gsap-pincontainer", start: "top top", end: "+=" + (100 * sections.length) + "%", pin: true, scrub: 2, // markers: true, } }); videoTl.to( video, { currentTime: 14, }); videoTl.to(".gsap--outer", { y: -(containerH - innerHeight), //100% - altezza del col-span }, "<"); }
  3. Tweenings Greetings, I've shared a demo that works okay in codepen, but has many syncing issues in prod (react). I'd like to know if there is a better way to do what I'm doing here. I'm also curious to find some docs on helping gsap get initialized before rendering. Seem to have the odd refresh where my text treatment is all messed up. After initial text and video wipe this should happen: With the frame cuts of the video the span in "The next number is" {1} should update. With the frame cuts the bg gradient should also update. On repeat is should stay in sync with the video. Thanks for any help. First time forum asker.
  4. I have tried several methods mentioned in the forum yet i could not find a proper smooth play by scroll for videos. I created one in the code pen , yet the issue is it only animates smoothly if it is safari desktop, safari mobile or even firefox mobile (checkd in macos and ios). If it is chrome or firefox desktop which uses webp version of the movie, no chance it just skips animations in the middle. Any thoughts ?
  5. I want the video to play smoothly on scroll, here on my code pen demo it's not smooth, how do I make it better?
  6. Hello Team, It is really impressive framework for animating html elements and so glad to use such aamazing framework. I'm working with PIXIJS with Gsap as animation plugin. I was in tuff position when implementing dragging and syncing video with current time. I had a read through threads in GSAP platform, and the attached PEN is fork of the example available. which is exactly what I want but in Gsap V3. Would be helpful if someone could suggest in GSAP V3, using Timeline, can this be achieveable and any guideliness for me to implement using Timeline. Appreciate your reply. Thanks Irfan
  7. Hey, I'm New here! my question can bother you. I'm looking for a suggestion basically for my project. I'm developing a website landing section where I want to place a video on Scroll video should be play (I'm Just using a word video it can be any other bes approach) On the whole, as I study myself there are different techniques to do so. 1) video play/off on scroll like this { } 2) Image sequence { } 3) Sprite images https://webdesign.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-animate-a-coffee-drinking-sprite-with-scrollmagic--cms-24795 a. which technique should I follow? b. Should I work on Canvas or just HTML divs'? speed of the loading the first time is my priority as the Apple website has quick response I just want your suggestion in this way.
  8. I'm using scrollTrigger to animate some videos (.mp4) on scroll. Everything seemed to work fine, except that it doesn't seem to work on iOS (I tested on iPhone 11 iOS 16.0 and on iPhone 13 iOS 16.2). In fact, it is as if it didn't load the videos, the space remains empty and obviously the GSAP scrollTrigger animation doesn't start. Did I miss something?
  9. I'm trying to animate a video on scroll using ScrollTrigger (switched from ScrollMagic), and the result is quite good. The animation works, but the problem is that frames are often skipped when scrolling. As can be seen from the console (line 26), the scrollPos skips some numbers, thus causing the videoCurrentTime to skip some frames. Is there a way to make this not happen? May I create a variable that increments more precisely with the scrollPos? Can the duration of the ScrollTrigger and the framerate of the video have something to do with it?
  10. Hey guys, I have a pretty interesting challenge. I need to animate the "playhead" of a <video> element. Ie the video.currentTime property. Running currentTime through TweenMax like so doesn't work as setting currentTime takes a little while to update, so it simply jumps to it's destination. I suspect what I want to do can't be done using the native <video> element, but I have to use an image sequence and <canvas> instead, but I wanted to check with you bright fellas before venturing down that path
  11. Hi, when I add multiple videos, the video scrolltrigger is also giving problems. Can you help me?
  12. Hello, I want to play and pause video with horizontal scrolltrigger. I did the playback but couldn't find a solution to stop it. Can you help me?
  13. Hello guys, I am stuck in a really bad situation and cant find a solution of it. So what I am trying to achieve is that I want to play a video smoothly on scrollTrigger scrub but that is not happening. The video is playing very choppily. I have a created a minimal codesandbox for you guys to have a look https://codesandbox.io/s/gracious-sunset-0xsvr?file=/src/pages/index.jsx Please help me as I am stuck on this for 2 days Thanks
  14. Hello. I'm trying to link videos in json to each other. But i can not create video scrubber for appended elements. This is my scenario: 1. Load first video. 2. Load second video + create video scrubber. 3. Load third video after 2. scrubbing end. 4. Load fourth video + create video scrubber with on click. (Here is what i can't do it). I am playing here: https://stackblitz.com/edit/js-uasbtv?file=index.js Click 'Up' button to create new video scrubber.
  15. Hi! I'v read articles how to control video in timeline but I dont have idea how to make same video animation like here https://store.google.com/us/product/nest_cam_battery?hl=en-US I builded some minimal demo. So what I want: Play video till 3-4 sec PAUSE, then when video in the middle of the screen of viewport it continues play.
  16. Hi everyone, I'm trying to create an image sequence that can be played backwards or forwards by scrolling the page up and down. But I also need the sequence to be controllable using a video style progress bar. Using some of the code that I've copied from these forums I've managed to get the image sequence working and I've also managed to create a play bar control with a playhead that can be dragged left and right. But I can't get the playhead to control the current image that is displayed in the image sequence. In the code for the image sequence I specify the number of frames, so I'm assuming I need to divide the length of the progress bar into an equivalent number of 'units' and then advance or rewind the image sequence every time the play head is dragged by one 'unit'.
  17. Hi, I am trying to create a banner with timeline animation and a background html5 video. I am trying to keep the video in sync with the timeline, which is also working pretty well in the codepen example. That being unless you switch to another tab or scroll down on a page so the banner is out of sight, then it seems the animation is pause while the video continues to play and therefore gets out of sync. So what is the best practice here? to always keep them in sync? Can I listen for when the timeline is in pause mode and then pause the video, or can the timeline pauses be deactivated?... or a 3rd option Perhaps someone has an example on this or maybe an earlier topic which I couldn't find?! Thanks! /Alex
  18. Hi Guys, I want to start a video via a slider, which is built with draggable and inertia. This works in Chrome and Firefox. Safari interprets the action after onThrowComplete as autoplay and prevents playing the video, due to it's autoplay-policy (except video is muted). However it seems to be OK for Safari if I start the video with a ordinary button (at the bottom of the example). Any idea how to solve this?
  19. Hi everyone, I'm trying to play a short video clip on mouseover and play it reverse on mouseout: mouseover: video.play() mouseout: video.playReverse() As there is currently no native function for playing a video reverse, I tried it with setInterval by manipulating currentTime, but this solution is not smooth enough. Is there a smooth solution with GSAP to play a video backwards?
  20. Hi. I'm looking for feedback on my new project, here is a little background on how it became. My clients sometimes send me an already working preview for the animation they have. They either want a creative update or a different size banner. To match the timing as close as possible, I usually record the animation as mp4 and then using a video player with pause/play extract necessary time keys. To simplify this, I created a tool that records the video for me. Just pass the URL get back the mp4 video. I thought it could also be used to export the animation (html5, index.html, zip package) as an mp4 and then used as a video advertisement on FB or Instagram,... https://urlrec.com/ Any feedback on your workflow and if this is something you would use would be excellent.
  21. Hi So I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to using Greensock and I also have an animation that was created by someone else. :-/ The animation uses GSAP to produce a bit of a lengthy animation that needs to be exported as an MP4 file. The animation is divided up into indivdual steps by adding labels for each one e.g.: TimelineMax.add("step1"); ..... TimelineMax.add("endStep1"); I have the original FLA file, so that I can change the current step to be played via a variable called 'step', which I can export as a SWF file and all plays fine - the animation starts and finshes at the desired step, objects turn on and off, tween etc. However when I try to export as an MP4 file the animation doesn't play correctly and appears to start mid-way through an earlier step. :-/ I'm exporting as follows: File > Export > Export Video Checking 'Convert video in Adobe Media Encoder' Setting 'Stop exporting' to 'After time elapsed' and entering plenty of seconds Export as a MOV and open in AME to output as MP4 So far I've tried everything from inserting enough frames in the timeline to actually taking the working SWF and using something like HD Video Convertor Factory but with very poor results. I just don't understand why it plays fine as a SWF file but completely different when exported as MP4? Anyone else had a similar issue? Unfortunately I can't supply a codepen because I have to adhere to data export restrictions. Many thanks Rich
  22. Note: This page was created for GSAP version 2. We have since released GSAP 3 with many improvements. While it is backward compatible with most GSAP 2 features, some parts may need to be updated to work properly. Please see the GSAP 3 release notes for details. This video walks you through some common problems that professional animators face every day and shows you how GSAP’s TimelineLite tackles these challenges with ease. Although GSAP is very powerful and flexible, the API is beginner-friendly. In no time you will be creating TimelineLite animations that can bend and adapt to the needs of the most demanding clients and art directors. Watch the video and ask yourself, "Can my current animation toolset do this?" Enjoy. Video Highlights Tweens in a TimelineLite naturally play one-after-the-other (the default insertion point is at the end of the timeline). No need to specify or update the delay of each tween every time the slightest timing changes are made. Tweens in a TimelineLite don't need to play in direct sequence; you can overlap them or easily add gaps. Multiple tweens can all start at the same time or slightly staggered. Easily to rearrange the order in which tweens play. Jump to any point of the timeline to finesse a particular animation. No need to watch the whole animation each time. Add labels anywhere in the timeline to mark where other tweens should be added, or use them for navigation. Control the speed of the timeline with timeScale(). Full control over every aspect of playback: play, pause, reverse, resume, jump to any label or time, and much more. Unlike jQuery.animate() or other JS libraries that allow you to chain together multiple animations on a particular object, GSAP’s TimelineLite lets you sequence multiple tweens on multiple objects. It's a radically different and more practical approach that allows for precise synchronization and flexibility. If you are still considering CSS3 animations or transitions for robust animation after watching this video, please watch it again Check out this Pen! If you are wondering what "autoAlpha" refers to in the code above, its a convenience feature of CSSPlugin that intelligently handles "opacity" and "visibility" combined. Recommended reading: Main GSAP JS page Jump Start: GSAP JS Speed comparison Cage matches: CSS3 transitions vs GSAP | jQuery vs GSAP jQuery.animate() with GSAP: get the jquery.gsap.js plugin! 3D Transforms & More CSS3 Goodies Arrive in GSAP JS
  23. Hello, I'm building an animation that I want to record as video but for now but I can't record screen with a 100% smooth video for x reasons. So, what do you think about the idea to slow down the animation by using the time scale, take automated screenshots and then merge them into a video format and add audio ? Does it make sense or it's a wrong way ? Thanks
  24. Hi, I'm looking for a GSAP developer who could create a full screen interactive module as illustrated in the attached video clip. The site is already in development but we need help with this more advanced module that will be embedded in the home page hero banner. Experience required: - GSAP - Preloader animation with progress bar - Video controlling (play, pause, etc) - SVG animation It would need to be completed in approximately 3 weeks time. All assets, including images, SVGs and video clips would be supplied. Please watch through the short video example of what we are after and if you feel this is something you could develop for us please contact me as soon as possible to arrange a Skype chat. Note: there are two sides "Precision" and "Unleashed". Clicking on each word expands the relevant side and plays the video. Please also ignore the logo in top right, the button in bottom center, as well as the mail icon in bottom right. If you have any questions please comment below. Looking forward to working with one of you geniuses Thanks, Andy
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