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Found 5 results

  1. Hey! I'm working on a mouse follower using React + TypeScript, following the new useGSAP package recommendations. I'm trying to use quickTo with the rotational direction plugin, but it would only work with degrees in number (also will throw a TS error if using TypeScript). Is this indeed a limitation, or am I missing something here? Created a demo really quick to showcase the scenario. As pointed out in line 48, using the ${rotation}_short syntax for the rotation property won't work along with a quickTo. Sample here: https://codepen.io/joyboyar/pen/WNWRQgw Also, if not this way, what would you recommend to achieve the same "lerp" effect with the rotation while doing the same as "_short" does? Thanks in advance ?
  2. Hello there. I'm trying to make the directional rotation plugin work with this simple object, however, it is not behaving properly. I tried to set up a codepen but it says TWEEN is not defined, and I'm not sure why. The thing is, I would like to go the short way always, setting up rotation in radians inside a sphere. But it is not working as expected. Here is what the console is throwing:
  3. The codepen is a simple version of a timescale tween either speeding up or slowing down. It uses directonalRotation. I'd love to be able to detect the first and last repeat and add easing specifically to those 2 tweens. I thought about creating 2 separate tweens to be the first and last and then sandwich a repeating one inbetween those but wondered if there was a way to automate that. For the ball rotation, it would be cool to be able to apply a Back.easeIn to the first one and a Back.easeOut to the last one.
  4. I'm attempting to run 2 directionalRotation tweens back to back - first clockwise and then counterclockwise. My app requires that I be able to do this in 2 separate timelines which are added to a main timeline. I made the codepen short and sweet. I've tried this as 2 separate tweens in a single timeline and it has the same behavior as 2 timelines in a main timeline - it does the first timeline/tween and doesn't do the 2nd one. I just discovered this issue in my app and am supposed to release this tomorrow. Yikes. Can anyone tell me what's up? I'm using a callback to clearProps like: TweenMax.set(gp,{clearProps:"rotation"}); but tried directionalRotation as the property to clear as well. As usual, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. Hi there, first of all, wow!! GSAP is very impressive. I have the following code to animate the transform of an element: TweenLite.to(".element", transitionSpeed, { ease: Power2.easeInOut, css:{ transform: "scale("+scaleDiff+") rotate("+angle+"deg) translateX("+left+"px) translateY("+top+"px)" }}); Everything works as expected, except that the rotation is in the wrong direction. Can you give me a hint on how to change the direction of the rotation without loosing the transform property?
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