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  1. Super helpful, thank you! And glad to see I wasn't Really far off! I'll get transitioned into the new syntax, thanks for that as well. That combined with the motion path solution below is exactly what I was looking for I truly appreciate it! This forum rocks.
  2. Hello forums. It's been awhile since I got stuck trying to accomplish something in this amazing language, but I must admit I'm a bit rusty in my GSAP and JS. I was hoping one of you might be able to get me back on track. I'm trying to blow letters off screen letter by letter, randomly emulating an effect much like this: https://aescripts.com/wind/ (from right to left) Note the letters spin in 360 space and etc. I know this has got to be possible but I just haven't put it together yet, and I'm having trouble even getting my script to compile to start testing. I may be close or I may be way off. Anyway please check out the example codepen I included. https://codepen.io/julia_planetdisco/pen/YzproYJ
  3. Thanks alot Zach - also I was checking out Three.js as an option too - though I think this is all over kill for what I need to accomplish - just the same same I appreciate the response - I've been working alot in After Effects and my coding is a tad rusty! Your solution makes perfect sense, thanks.
  4. Is it possible to create this effect but instead of the particle squares, use a series of png images on transparent backgrounds? https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/vLqLeV?editors=0010
  5. Thanks OSUblake, Went through this and pulled Shaun's demo, http://codepen.io/sgorneau/pen/OXBpzg?editors=0010 Without knowing where on the page it will be trafficked (as it goes out all across the web) Does it account for any position on page? Just triggers when it enters viewport?
  6. This would just be in general. So for instance I have a series of TweenMax or TimelineMax tweens that I'd like to trigger when the ad enters viewpoint. This is not rich media and is being served as HTML5 into publisher's sites.
  7. I recommend coding the GSAP in TimelineMax and then using the restart function.
  8. Hello. Been playing around with the ScrollMagic Tutorial but it's not giving me the results I want. Is there a simple method to trigger a GSAP animation sequence once the banner scrolls into the viewport?
  9. sorciereus

    Blur filters

    Hi. Old thread but needing help here. I used this code pen to apply a blur to image. Works great except it's only working on Chrome and Safari and not Firefox. Help? http://cdpn.io/omsrL
  10. I will try that thank you - has anyone else seen this on IE 11?
  11. Is there a private email address I can send the demo to? I'm really not supposed to be sharing the creative publically - the fixes you sent don't seem to do the trick - would love for you take a look at the animation as perhaps i'm overlooking something. Thanks so much for the fast response.
  12. This issue is back, and now it's in all versions of IE - including 11.
  13. Hello. I always use GSAP for my banner animation - and today (of course when we are up against a crazy deadline) all of our banners that are tweening transparent png's are showing a black outline around the pngs. It's strange because I've seen this bug with IE8 (which we don't support) but only when the images have a drop shadow, the drop shadow becomes solid. I've never seen this before and seems to be affecting all of our units that I've used transparent pngs on in the past. Is there something going on with the platform? This error is in all versions of IE. I'm calling TweenMax from: https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/latest/TweenMax.min.js Any fixes? Any ideas why this is happening? There are not drop shadows on these pngs. Here is an example line of code that is moving the pngs around TweenMax.to('#clouds3', 2.2, {alpha:0, x:"+=300", y:"-=140", ease:Power1.easeIn, delay:.5});
  14. Thanks very much for the replies. I appreciate both solutions and SplitText is super smooth! Rad!
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