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TransformManager and delate, checkHitAreare, iOS, air

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I am trying to delete on drag and drop or intersect with checkHitAreare it dorset seem to work with TransformManager.   in my app i would like the user to be able to drag an item to a trashcan, the items are all objects that are in a TransformManager. is it possible to call same delete function that is used when desktop users hit the delete key?
stage.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, checkHitAreare);
function checkHitAreare(evt:Event) {
    var currentMC:MovieClip;
    var removeMCs:Array = [];
    for(var i=0; i < stage.numChildren; i++){
     currentMC = MovieClip(stage.getChildAt(i));
        if (currentMC != this.recp_mc && this.recp_mc.hitTestObject(currentMC)) {
    for(var j:int = 0 ; j < removeMCs.length;j++)

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That sounds like more of an issue in your own code and how you're handling variables, etc. To answer your question, it'd require digging into your file(s) and seeing how you're setting things up, what your variables are, etc. Unfortunately we just can't afford the time necessary to provide everyone with free general consulting services for their projects or general AS3 best practices, but we're happy to answer specific questions about TransformManager or any of our other products. 

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No problem, sound fair,  one question for you then, in this code is my TransformManager named "manager" ? or does it get a name programmatically?



 var manager:TransformManager = new TransformManager({targetObjects:[deco127],constrainScale:true,forceSelectionToFront:true,allowDelete:true,autoDeselect:true,handleSize:29});

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Well, TransformManager instances don't have a "name" property (if that's what you're asking), but your code is assigning a TransformManager instance to a variable that's named "manager". You could name that variable whatever you want. 

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