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How to disable the custom cursors

helio test
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I change scale and rotation property only using my custom slider. 

I disable line around object and scale handles using properties 

manager.lineThickness = 0; 
manager.handleSize = 0;

I have two questions:

1) I move(drag) an image I want to use default flash hand cursor. How to do that? 

2) Is there a way how to disable rotation handles?


I know that exists two methods customizeMoveCursor and customizeRotationCursor, but how to pass hand cursor and disable rotation cursor using these methods I don't know.



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Sure, you can just use an empty shape for the custom cursor and tell it not to turn off the standard mouse cursor:

var blankShape:Shape = new Shape();
TransformManager.customizeMoveCursor(blankShape, false);
TransformManager.customizeRotationCursor(blankShape, false);
TransformManager.customizeScaleCursor(blankShape, false);
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