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Found 5 results

  1. I'm trying to create something like if I hover on a particular section my cursor will change. I've linked my CodePen that I tried. In my case, when I'm hovering over the "show" section I'm getting the custom cursor. But when I'm moving the pointer to another section the custom cursor is not getting hidden. Also when I'm hovering over the "show" section the custom cursor is revealed from the top left corner of the page. But I need the cursor to sync with my mouse pointer. Like when I'm hovering over the section the custom cursor should reveal from the mouse location. And here is a short brief of what I've done on my code. I use "scale-0" to hide the custom cursor Initially. When I'm hovering over the "show" section I've changed the "scale" value to "1" to reveal the custom cursor. And "onMouseLeave" I've changed the scale value to "0" again to hide the custom cursor again. (Note: I'm not sure why the "Custom cursor" is not hidden initially on CodePen)
  2. I want to rotate the box on mouse move 1. when cursor goes UPSIDE box will rotate anti-clock-wise 2. when cursor goes DOWNSIDE box will rotate clock-wise How it could be done with gsap ease Thanks
  3. Hey guys, I'm having a couple of issues with animating a cursor. The aim is to have the cursor smoothly snap into position when entering a box and smoothly animate back to mouse position on leave (rather than jump to the new mouse position). Also, the cursor should smoothly animate when moving from one box to the other quickly. 1. How would I go about animating the cursor smoothly back to the mouse position after leaving the box (not sure how to store the mouse position while active = false. 2. When moving from one box to the other quickly, how would I prevent the cursor from jumping/flashing back, just before it locks into the new position. Hope this makes sense. I feel like both issues are related to storing the mouse position while the fixCursor function is running? but still unsure how to make it animate smoothly. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  4. Hello guys, I've recently started learning GSAP and I'm really glad that there is such nice community here! So I've been trying to replicate this effect as seen here: https://www.castoretpollux.com/agence. Specifically the effect of hovering the text with image reveal. I need pretty much the same effect, but I wasn't able to recreate it. Any help and suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance!
  5. I change scale and rotation property only using my custom slider. I disable line around object and scale handles using properties manager.lineThickness = 0; manager.handleSize = 0; I have two questions: 1) I move(drag) an image I want to use default flash hand cursor. How to do that? 2) Is there a way how to disable rotation handles? I know that exists two methods customizeMoveCursor and customizeRotationCursor, but how to pass hand cursor and disable rotation cursor using these methods I don't know. Loading...
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