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Deleting item bug [SOLVED]

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I found that if you delete an item (using either the delete key, or the deleteSelection function), and then call selectAll, then you get a selection object where the items used to be - but any attempt to use it results in a load of exceptions being thrown. Further investigation showed that the deleted items were not getting removed from the _items array. I've created my own fix for this:


public function deleteSelection($e:Event = null):void {
		if (_enabled && _allowDelete) {
			var deletedItems:Array = [];
			var item:TransformItem;
			var j:int;
			for (var i:int = _selectedItems.length - 1; i > -1; i--) {
				item = _selectedItems[i];
				if (item.onPressDelete($e)) {
					//remove from _items array
					for( j = _items.length - 1; j > -1; j-- )
						if( _items[j] == item )
							_items.splice( j, 1 );
			if (deletedItems.length != 0) {
				dispatchEvent(new TransformEvent(TransformEvent.DELETE, deletedItems));


This seems to fix the issue!


Hope this helps someone!


Oh, and this is with the following version:



DATE: 3/6/2009

ACTIONSCRIPT VERSION: 3.0 (Requires Flash Player 9)

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Actually, I didn't remove the items from the _items Array because deleting an object just removes it from the stage, but it is entirely possible that you'd want to add it back to the stage. So deleting isn't the same as removing. But I did need to alter some deletion-related stuff in the class (which I just did). Please download it from the link you were provided when you purchased TransformManager and let me know if that works better for you.


By the way, where did you see the "selectAll()" method? I couldn't find it anywhere :) I assume you added that, right?

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Hmm - yes, I did - now I recall - selectAll was one of mine! Oops.. Basically it just passes the items array to selectItems. So, I guess this one is my bad, although it is the kind of thing I would have expected to be built in..

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