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Using a "handle" touchpoint to manipulate a draggable object - allowing for form interaction

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I am looking to have a form-modal presented using the Draggable plugin. However - I've been encountering an issue where the form fields are not intractable (I suspect due to the inline `style="touch-action: none;"` style that is embedded into all children of the Draggable element)

My approach to get around this was to create a "handle" element, a child that acts as the point of contact when dragging the parent, so that only it's children would receive the `touch-action` attributes.

Is this a sound approach?

If so, I keep hitting a point where both the handle and the parent are being dragged - and transform attributes are being applied to both elements. I do not want the handle to ever change its relative position to the parent... But at the moment they're dragging, and accelerating, at different speeds

Any insight would be appreciated, thank you :)

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Yep, it looks like React adds an onclick handler on the root element. When you set dragClickables: false, Draggable will check to see if the element is a link, button, textarea, etc. and it'll also check to see if it's inside an element that meets any of the "clickable" criteria. One of those criteria is if the element has an onclick handler defined. So again, since React assigns one to the root element, that essentially makes everything get flagged as "clickable". 


I'm going to update Draggable to remove that criterion to avoid this, but in the meantime you can easily work around it using the clickableTest function: 


const clickableTagExp = /^(?:a|input|textarea|button|select)$/i;
const isClickable = (element, data) => !element || !element.getAttribute || element === document.body ? false : (data = element.getAttribute("data-clickable")) === "true" || (data !== "false" && (clickableTagExp.test(element.nodeName + "") || element.getAttribute("contentEditable") === "true")) ? true : isClickable(element.parentNode);

Draggable.create(... {
  clickableTest: isClickable


Does that clear things up? 

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Thank you Jack (and Cassie!), I appreciate you both jumping in here. Yes, the const clickableTagExp = /^(?:a|input|textarea|button|select)$/i; is a great solution for me moving forward.
Thanks again

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