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Forcing scrollTrigger and scrollSmoother refresh when div is in viewport or after all elements finish loading

Miguel Espinosa test
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Hello good day,


I have an issue within scrollTrigger and scrollSmoother. Sometimes my website loads all animations correctly, other times incompletely.

I think it has to do with the fact that scrollTrigger has already finished doing its calculations but the page hasn't finished loading all its elements yet. The reason is that if I scale the browser window, it fixes


Is there a way to update or refresh scrollTrigger or scrollSmoother? For example, refresh when some DIV enters the viewport or when all elements finish loading?


I tried adding ScrollTrigger.refresh() like this code below, but I am not sure how to implement it


gsap.to('.amenidadSectionColBottom', {
      opacity: 1,
      ease: 'none',
      scrollTrigger: {
        trigger: '#amenidadSection',
        start: '30% 80%',
        end: '50% 70%',
        scrub: true,
    onEnter: () => ScrollTrigger.refresh(),


Thanks in advanced for your help

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3 hours ago, Miguel Espinosa said:

Is there a way to update or refresh scrollTrigger or scrollSmoother?




ScrollTrigger will automatically call that when the window's "load" event fires, so in the vast majority of cases you never need to manually call that. But if you're dynamically loading things in AFTER the "load" event fires, then yeah, you'll need to call it manually once the layout is done shifting around. 


Also beware that if you set the loading="lazy" attribute on your <img> element(s), the browser won't wait for those to load before firing its "load" event. So you might want to make sure you DON'T add loading="lazy" or just make sure you add JS to sense when those are all done loading and then call ScrollTrigger.refresh(). 


If you still need help, please make sure you include a minimal demo, like a CodePen or Stackblitz


Thanks for being a Club GreenSock member! 🥳

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