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Move Element to Center of Another Element

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Hey all,


is there any dynamic way (instead of defining: `x/y: <coords>` to move an object to the center of another object?


Let’s say my `anchor` is not always fixed at the same spot. And my `ball` needs to dynamically read out the current target coords from the anchor. What is the best way to achieve that?


Thank you!

See the Pen zYJRvXP by Kalaschnik (@Kalaschnik) on CodePen

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In SVG certainly that's the way to achieve that.


For regular DOM elements you could use getBoundingClientRect:



Also you can use other methods if your element is not in the viewport. So as you can see there are a few different avenues that can be explored to solve this.


Happy Tweening!

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Pretty much, but just keep in mind that the getBBox() thing reports coordinates within the parent <svg>'s coordinate system which is usually very different than the overall web page's coordinate system. If I remember correctly, getBoundingClientRect() can be used on most SVG elements too if you want to get coordinates according to the viewport. 

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