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I want to slow down my scrubbed scrollTrigger animation, without adjusting the height of the sections

samlinck test
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This is a simplified demo of my problem. I want to slow down the scroll, because I find that the animations run too quick. But each section has to keep its height of 100vh. I know that the duration of a scrubbed animations is equal to the distance between the start and the end point (here 100vh - 90px). So how can I fix that the scroll slows down?

See the Pen LYQqrwO by Samlinck (@Samlinck) on CodePen

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Yep. You might want to read this: 



But if you're literally trying to force the scroll position to not move at the rate the user requested, that's not gonna work. ScrollTrigger is based on native scroll technology - it honors what the browser does. And usually users get very annoyed when the browser doesn't let them move the scrollbar at the speed they request. 

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11 hours ago, samlinck said:

Okay making the end value longer isn't an option, because I want the animation to be done when the section is in screen. Anyway thanks for the information!

I'm not sure how you'd expect that to work, then. If the distance you have to scroll is based on the height of those sections, how would you expect it to slow down without interfering with the native browser behavior? 

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