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Add "shaking effect" to an image.

Aizy test
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I want to create sort of an "impact effect" on my house image when the sold image finishes it's animation.
I don't know how to describe it properly but I would like both the images to shake a little if that makes sense.

I tried animating margin but it looked janky.

See the Pen Jjpzzqv by Aizazulhaq (@Aizazulhaq) on CodePen

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Hey there Aizy!


Just a gentle request not to tag people for help. All the forum questions will get answered - tagging people just adds pressure on people who are volunteering their time.

Maybe customWiggle will give you the effect you're after? It's a Club GreenSock perk but you can use it for free on codepen



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@CassieI'm sorry it wasn't the intention behind tagging you in the post. I'm new around here and bringing in my bad habits from Reddit. I'll be more considerate from now on.

Thanks for the help, I used TweenMax and animated the rotation. which is close enough to what I want.

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