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Animate the height and width of a div from center.

Aizy test
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I am trying to replicate the button (watch how it works button) animation on this site: iBuyer.com | Sell Your House Fast With An Instant Cash Offer. .
I tried animating the width and padding but I'm unable to trigger the animation from the center, mine starts from the corner as you can see. Also I am having trouble creating the first part of the animation which I believe is height being animated from 0 to something like a 100.


P.S. I've added setTimeout to delay the second animation (the center text), which should only get trigger once the first two phases of the animation are completed.

See the Pen LYQqbdL by Aizazulhaq (@Aizazulhaq) on CodePen

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11 minutes ago, Aizy said:

@SteveS I've edited the codepen and added gsap.fromTo and I'm animating scale instead of padding. Now it's animating from the center but not quiet the way I want it to. I want it to expand from the center. 

Can you elaborate? I'm in the same boat as @SteveS - it's doing exactly what I'd expect. Are you saying you want it to expand from the "center" of something else rather than itself? 


You never need a setTimeout() with GSAP - you can simply set a delay on the animation or put it into a timeline where you can easily choreograph timings with the position parameter


Here's an option with a timeline: 

See the Pen abqXWJN?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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