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[enhancement]: allow to specify an effect attribute prefix

monolith test
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Hi, I will keep this short.
This is a simple feature, but I think it would be essential to prevent conflict with each user's code.

data-speed & data-lag might already be used in the DOM for other things than scrollsmoother; which might break some integrations.


What I'm suggesting is a new option for effects, EX:

let smoother = ScrollSmoother.create({
  wrapper: '#wrapper',
  content: '#content',
  smooth: 2,
  effects: true,
  prefix: 'my-prefix' // -> [data-my-prefix-(speed/lag)]

Passing a string to a prefix option would allow for more specific attributes to be used to trigger effects (without the need to play around with string or array scopes).


The above would output these:

  • data-my-prefix-speed
  • data-my-prefix-lag


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It's a very reasonable request but I wonder if it's really necessary given the fact that you can just as easily do it with JavaScript: 

let smoother = ScrollSmoother.create({
  wrapper: '#wrapper',
  content: '#content',
  smooth: 2
smoother.effects("[data-my-prefix-speed], [data-my-prefix-lag]", {
  speed: el => el.getAttribute("data-my-prefix-speed") || 1,
  lag: el => el.getAttribute("data-my-prefix-lag") || 0

Did you know that?

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Yeah that works!

But I do think that a "prefix" option would be very useful for a lot of people.


In any case, I think that this use case should be added to the docs. (either as the prefix options, or your snippet above)

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