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Need a experience GSAP Expert to get feedback to our site

Anandram V test
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Hi we have created a product website https://reelmag.store

I still am not satisfied with the smoothness of the scroll. Appreciate it if any of the GSAP experts can help us with their inputs.


We are very new to GSAP and have made our way to this level. A few more pieces of advice on optimisation to smoothen the flow will help us!


Appreciate your kind support and help.

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Yep, @_Greg _ is exactly right - we don't provide free performance audits or custom consulting services (this forum is meant for GSAP-specific questions) but if you need paid consulting, you are welcome to either post in the Jobs & Freelance forum or contact us directly if you'd like to hire us. 


It looks like you've got a great start there, @Anandram V. Good luck with the site!

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