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Please Read: Guidelines for Posting

Carl test
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This forum is being provided as a free service to connect talented GSAP animators with those looking to hire them.


Please read this entire post before participating.


When Posting a Job:


  • Describe the project's technical requirements and provide links to similar examples and/or storyboards (if available).
  • List the start and end dates of the project (or at least a rough timeline).
  • Provide an estimated compensation range.


The more detailed you are in describing your needs, the better your odds of success. If you omit the budget, there's a high risk that qualified candidates will assume it isn’t worth their time. Remember that talented GSAP experts are typically in high demand. 


We encourage candidates to post public replies to show they're interested, but further coordination should be handled privately either through the forum’s private message system or email. It's probably best not to post your email address in a public forum.


Once a candidate is found, please update the post to let others know that the job is no longer available.




Feel free to post your availability in this forum proactively. Include links to your own website, portfolio, CodePen profile, etc. so that people can get a feel for your style and skill level. It’s a great idea (though not necessary) to post a price range for each example as well.


Please represent your skills accurately and include proper attribution for work that’s not yours. 


One of the keys to a successful working relationship is managing expectations (both sides)! Always under-promise and over-deliver.


Pricing a project

We generally recommend agreeing to an overall project price and timeline ahead of time rather than billing a flat hourly rate. Some developers work twice as fast as others, so an hourly rate isn’t an accurate gauge of overall cost. But for open-ended projects, we understand that hourly rates might be the best fit.


Additional notes


  • We are starting this service on a trial basis.
  • Freelancers are NOT employees of GreenSock. Anyone on the Internet can post here.
  • GreenSock is not liable for anything that happens before, after, or during the life of your project. Please don’t contact us for arbitration help. It’s fine if you want to simply report abuse.
  • If we receive complaints about your conduct (employers or developers), you may be banned from posting here. Again, we make no promises to investigate each and every claim or get into "he said, she said" back-and-forth, so it's in your best interest to keep things positive and exceed expectations. Make us proud.
  • GreenSock does not research or endorse any of the parties posting here.


Please let us know if you have any suggestions for making this service even better.


Happy tweening!

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