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Draw SVG on Scroll Horizontally

swatip test
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@swatip thanks for being a Club GreenSock member in the past. 🙌


Your license is tied to your membership, so if your membership expires so does your license. But don't worry - we don't put any "phone home" or validation code in the bonus plugins, so they won't suddenly top working or anything. Our whole business model is built on the honor system. We treat others the way we'd want to be treated and that'd really suck if the tools suddenly stopped working upon expiration. 


For sites/products that collect a fee from multiple customers, you'd need the special commercial license that comes with "Business Green" memberships. If your membership expires, you should remove the bonus plugins from your commercial site/product. But for sites/products that qualify under the standard "no charge" license, you don't need to remove anything. For example, if you used DrawSVGPlugin in a site that's totally free, you can continue using it - you'll just lose access to updates when your membership expires. 


Hopefully you'll find so much value in Club GreenSock that it'll be a no-brainer to renew at some point in the near future. ;)

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I am trying achieve something like this: https://www.freespee.com/how-it-works/    with horizontal scroll mentioned above in code pen.

Trying to achieve something like the attached image with horizontal scroll

They are using GSAP but not sure which plugin for 3D effect.


Can you please help where to start or which plugin i have to study to get this effect?


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I have added 5th slide and gave overflow-y: auto so its kind of working as i want but when I scroll up its going to previous slide instead of going to top of the 5th slide and then previous slide.

Is there any way where when I am on 5th slide its should go to top of the 5th slide and then previous slide?

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