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READ FIRST: Forum Guidelines

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Welcome to the GreenSock forums! Glad you’re here. It’s a wonderful place to learn and get your questions answered.


What topics can I post about here?

We love answering questions that are directly related to GreenSock tools. API questions, bug reports, or if you’re wondering why GSAP behaves a certain way - those types of posts are welcome around here.


What topics should be avoided?

As much as we love solving problems, the following types of questions are beyond the scope of what we generally provide here for free:

  • Logic issues. JavaScript and application logic, CSS setup, and generic troubleshooting that isn’t directly related to GreenSock tools. 
  • Third party tools. Frameworks (React, Angular), other JavaScript libraries (LocomotiveScroll, Barba), build tools, etc. We’re happy to help with the GSAP part of things if you strip out as much irrelevant code as possible and provide a minimal demo.
  • “How do I do this cool effect I saw on a trendy website?” Someone here may point you in the right direction but please don't expect a full tutorial on how to create and effect you saw on a slick web site.


Where else can I go for help? 

If your question is primarily about another tool, try looking for a forum or GitHub repository about that tool. If it’s a general programming-related question, try StackOverflow.


Want feedback about your working code? We’d be glad to take a peek at GSAP-specific code but for more general topics (like performance or application logic) we’d suggest something like CodeReview.


Read first

Please read Getting Started with GSAP, common GSAP mistakes (maybe also common ScrollTrigger mistakes), as well as the GSAP docs before asking your question. Often you’ll get your question answered just by doing that!


Make a minimal demo

This helps provide context and gives us a rough idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. It's WAY better than trying to dig into a live website with lots of other things going on, or looking at a small excerpt of code without much context. Pro tip: It's often easier to create a minimal demo from scratch rather than stripping out irrelevant things from your original project.


You will GREATLY increase your chances of getting a prompt answer if you create a minimal demo.


After you've posted a demo to our forums, please click the "Fork" button on CodePen before making future changes so that context is not lost for future readers of the forum.


Be courteous

We try to treat people the way we’d want to be treated around here. Please do the same. Also keep in mind that the people answering your post are doing so for free! Most of our regular contributors gain nothing from helping you except the satisfaction of doing so. Please give them your gratitude and respect.


Ask away!

We’re eager to help, so make a minimal demo and ask your question! We’ll do our best to answer it promptly. 


Pay it forward - help someone else

The best way to learn is to teach someone. You’d be surprised how much you grow when you try answering some questions here! We are so grateful for the group of volunteers dedicated to helping others in these forums. It’s quite satisfying to come alongside a fellow developer who is struggling and deliver a clever solution to their issue. Become a contributor! You do NOT need to be an expert. Anyone...and we do mean anyone...is welcome here. 

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An addendum....


Why it's rude NOT to include a minimal demo (like a CodePen)

It forces everyone else to read through lengthy descriptions and try to wrap their minds around something abstract that might take 10 seconds to spot in a simple CodePen. 


It's like if your car broke and you called a mechanic's shop and said "please tell me what's wrong with my car." Without seeing it, what would you expect them to do? Their only option is to walk through a ton of diagnostic questions (many of which you may not have the answers to) and burn hours of their time guessing. That's expensive and frustrating. You're asking them to do all of that for FREE while they've got other customers standing in line who were at least willing to go through the hassle of bringing their car in (which is equivalent to creating a CodePen).


If your car was in front of the mechanic, it may take 10 seconds to diagnose: "oh, you're out of gas." DOH! 


When someone won't bother to spend a little time creating a minimal demo and yet they're asking a bunch of volunteers to diagnose their issue for free, it isn't very motivating for those volunteers to sacrifice their time. It's almost like telling the mechanic "sorry, I don't want to expend the effort necessary to get my car to you...would you please drive out to my home and fix it for free?" :(


Creating a minimal demo is probably the single best habit to get into for any developer learning to troubleshoot their own code. Plus it delivers the best chances of getting a prompt and accurate answer when you ask others for help. 👍

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