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Reply button on Adobe Animate CC?

fadyhenen test
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This thread was started before GSAP 3 was released. Some information, especially the syntax, may be out of date for GSAP 3. Please see the GSAP 3 migration guide and release notes for more information about how to update the code to GSAP 3's syntax. 

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Thank you Jack, for you instant answer 


I meant a button to make the banner Repeat after the animation ends.

So when the people want to see the animation again they can click on it


I attached a picture to what I mean a button as shown.


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If you're doing timeline animation, all you need to do is create a replay button symbol, give it an instance name of "replay" and add this code & your button to the end frame:


this.replay.addEventListener("click", fl_ClickToGoToAndPlayFromFrame.bind(this));
function fl_ClickToGoToAndPlayFromFrame()


Be sure to put the replay button on a layer above your clickTag button or the replay functionality won't work.  Also, you have to use a button and not target the whole canvas... that issue comes up a lot on the Animate CC forums: https://forums.adobe.com/message/8720575

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I Tried it, but it's not working,


when I change the frame to 0 it works first time and then when I click the banner it opens multiple pages?



this.replay.addEventListener("click", fl_ClickToGoToAndPlayFromFrame.bind(this));

 function fl_ClickToGoToAndPlayFromFrame()


My timeline


var root = this,
tl = new TimelineMax( { repeat: 1, repeatDelay: 1 } );

.addLabel( 'myLabel1' )

.from( this.t1, 1, { alpha:0,x:this.t1.x-50,  ease:Expo.easeOut  }, 'myLabel1+=1' )

.to( this.t1, 0.75, { alpha:0,  ease:Expo.easeOut }, 'myLabel1+=4' )

.from( this.t2, 1, { alpha:0,x:this.t2.x-50,  ease:Expo.easeOut  }, 'myLabel1+=4.5' )
.from( this.t3, 1, { alpha:0,x:this.t3.x-50,  ease:Expo.easeOut  }, 'myLabel1+=5' )

.to( this.t2, 0.75, { alpha:0,  ease:Expo.easeOut }, 'myLabel1+=7' )
.to( this.t3, 0.75, { alpha:0,  ease:Expo.easeOut }, 'myLabel1+=7' )

.from( this.t4, 1, { alpha:0,x:this.t4.x-50,  ease:Expo.easeOut  }, 'myLabel1+=7.5' )
.from( this.t5, 1, { alpha:0,x:this.t5.x-50,  ease:Expo.easeOut  }, 'myLabel1+=8' )


.addLabel( 'myLabel2' )

.from( this.seemore, 0.75, { scaleX:0, scaleY:0,alpha:0, ease:Back.easeOut }, 'myLabel2' )
.from( this.reply, 1, { scaleX:0, scaleY:0,alpha:0, ease:Back.easeOut }, 'myLabel2+=2' )



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Make sure your instance names match up.  replay not reply.


Since you're using scripted animation with GSAP and not the Animate timeline, you should use


this.replay.addEventListener("click", clickToReplay.bind(this));
 function clickToReplay()


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