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Change text value on timeline

silid test
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I am trying to change a text value in an animation using a timeline, for example, i'd like the text to animate off, the value to update, and then animate on again. I need to know that the animate on doesn't start until the text value has changed.


I hoped to be able to use the timline.set(textfield, {text:"NewValue"}); but it seems that set/tween can only use numeric values?


How can I best achieve this result?

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Oh, sorry! Almost all the questions these days are HTML5/JS-focused. I missed that you posted in the Flash forum. 


You could probably just use a simple function that you drop into your timeline. Kinda like:

timeline.call( function() {
    textField.text = "whatever"; 

That'd only work one-way, though (not in reverse). You could use ScrambleTextPlugin as a hack - since you're not really animating anything, a zero-duration scrambleText tween would essentially have the same effect as just immediately setting the text to that end value. Just an idea. 

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