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ScrollTrigger.config( vars:Object )

Allows you to configure certain global behaviors of ScrollTrigger like limitCallbacks


  • vars: Object

    A configuration object with the properties you'd like to affect, like { limitCallbacks: true }


Allows you to configure certain global behaviors of ScrollTrigger like:

  • limitCallbacks [Boolean] - if true, ScrollTrigger will only fire callbacks (onEnter, onLeave, onEnterBack, onLeaveBack) when the active state is toggled. For example, if you have a grid of 100 elements that each have a ScrollTrigger associated with them, and only 10 are on the screen at any given time and then you scroll down so that only boxes 50 - 60 are showing and reload the page, limitCallbacks: true would skip the onEnter for elements 1-49. The default limitCallbacks value is false meaning that the onEnter for elements 1-60 would all fire in this scenario.
  • autoRefreshEvents [String] - by default, ScrollTrigger will refresh() on the following events: "visibilitychange,DOMContentLoaded,load,resize" but you can set it to a subset of those if you prefer. For example, if you don't want it to refresh on visibilitychange (when the browser tab changes from hidden to visible), you could set autoRefreshEvents: "DOMContentLoaded,load,resize". (added in 3.6.0)
  • syncInterval [Number] - by default, ScrollTrigger checks the scroll position every 200ms and updates things accordingly. This accomplishes two key things: 1) Some very old browsers have a bug that could cause them not to fire "scroll" events while touch-scrolling, so this helps work around that (though it's extremely rare these days), and 2) it keeps the velocity-tracking features functioning accurately. If velocity data was only updated on scroll events, it wouldn't return down to 0 when scrolling stops. So you can alter how often (in milliseconds) syncing occurs, like if you want to effectively disable it you could do ScrollTrigger.config({syncInterval: 999999999 });.
  • ignoreMobileResize if true, vertical resizes (of 25% of the viewport height) on touch-only devices won't trigger a ScrollTrigger.refresh(), avoiding the jumps that can happen when the start/end values are recalculated. Beware that if you skip the refresh(), the start/end trigger positions may be inaccurate but in many scenarios that's preferable to the visual jumps that occur due to the new start/end positions. (added in version 3.10.0)


// only fire callbacks when the active state toggles
limitCallbacks: true,
ignoreMobileResize: true,

ScrollTrigger.config() was added in version 3.3.4.