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Returns : Tween


Provides a simple way to call a function after a set amount of time, completely in-sync with the whole rendering loop (unlike a setTimeout() which may fire outside of the browser's screen refresh cycle). You can optionally pass any number of parameters to the function too.

//calls myFunction() after 1 second and passes 2 parameters:
gsap.delayedCall(1, myFunction, ["param1", "param2"]);

function myFunction(param1, param2) {
//do stuff

To cancel/kill a delayed call, save a reference to it and then call .kill() on it when needed:

var delayedCall = gsap.delayedCall(1, myFunction);

// sometime later

Or if you don't want to keep a reference to it, you can use the gsap.killTweensOf() method because a delayedCall() is merely a Tween with an onComplete and the function itself is the "target" of the Tween:

gsap.delayedCall(1, myFunction);

// sometime later