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restart( includeDelay:Boolean, suppressEvents:Boolean ) : self

Restarts and begins playing forward from the beginning.


  • includeDelay: Boolean

    (default = false) - Determines whether or not the delay (if any) is honored when restarting. For example, if a tween has a delay of 1 second, like, {duration: 2, x: 100, delay: 1}); and then later restart() is called, it will begin immediately, butrestart(true) will cause the delay to be honored so that it won't begin for another 1 second.

  • suppressEvents: Boolean

    (default = true) - If true (the default), no events or callbacks will be triggered when the playhead moves to the new position defined in the time parameter.

Returns : self

self (makes chaining easier)


Restarts and begins playing forward from the beginning.

//restarts, not including any delay that was defined

//restarts, including any delay, and doesn't suppress events during the initial move back to time:0
myAnimation.restart(true, false);