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Found 3 results

  1. Location Remote (Global team, company based in Europe) Type Freelance, full-time engagement, with potential for long-term partnership About ThemePunch ThemePunch, a renowned name in the WordPress plugin space, has been a market leader for over a decade. Our flagship product, Slider Revolution, is at the forefront of creating fully animated, responsive websites. As we embark on the exciting journey of developing a new major update of Slider Revolution, we are seeking a talented and experienced JavaScript Developer to join our diverse, global team. Key Responsibilities - Develop and enhance the Slider Revolution project, focusing on creating a seamless and innovative website builder tool. - Implement advanced features using JavaScript, Three.js, and GSAP. - Work closely with the team to create animations, timelines, and manage layers within the product. - Ensure compatibility and optimal performance in the WordPress environment. - Utilize HTML5 and CSS to enhance visual and functional aspects of web designs. Qualifications - Profound expertise in JavaScript, along with frameworks/libraries such as Three.js and GSAP. - Strong background in web animation and a deep understanding of the principles of animation. - Extensive experience with WordPress, particularly in developing plugins or addons. - Proficiency in HTML5 and CSS, with an eye for design and layout. - Familiarity with website builder tools and a strong grasp of WYSIWYG editors. - A portfolio showcasing previous work and accomplishments in similar projects. What We Offer - The opportunity to work on a leading product in the WordPress plugin space. - A remote work setting that allows flexibility and comfort. - Collaboration with a dynamic and skilled team spread across various continents. - A long-term partnership with potential for full-time engagement. - A chance to influence the future of website building and slider technology. How to Apply Please submit your resume along with a portfolio of your work. Highlight your experience with JavaScript, Three.js, GSAP, and any relevant WordPress projects here and/or to jobs@sliderrevolution.com. We look forward to discovering how your skills and experiences align with our vision for Slider Revolution. Join us at ThemePunch and be part of shaping the future of web design and animation!
  2. Hi all! So I have my div, which grows to fill it's parent on click. When you first load the page, it works beautifully. Smooth and natural. But when I go to resize my browser the animation starts doing funny things. I have been wracking my brain on this for a week now and I'm just not understanding what the issue is. I've inspected and tinkered with nearly all the values and attributes in a ton of different combinations and I can't crack it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any and all help. I hope you've been having lovely holidays and have big things coming up for the New Year!
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to ask but thought I'd give it a shot given the amount of experience here. Has anyone tried an entire animation workflow through Adobe animate CC? Any pros and cons? Is the code usable? Are the export sizes small? does the outputed code easily sharable? Up till now, I've been making prototypes in AfterEffects and coding the SVG files in an editor powered with greensock. It's not the most elegant workflow but I know how the sausage is made and the components I need, that and it works across browsers. Most Animate CC examples I've seen seem to be either frame by frame animations or simple banner ads that don't have many moving pieces with not a lot of moving parts (aka Flash). I read Animate CC has greensock integration so it's not a matter of whether it works, but is it worth investing time to learn and use as my primary animation tool? Would love to hear if someone has experience in this. Thanks
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