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  1. Thank you, this information is absolutely golden!!! Most of what you say makes sense, and I've adjusted the last timeline for the fading duration to be 0.5, 3, 0.5 respectively and that makes it fade in and out faster, while having the full blank tween visible longer, which is great. Now only 2 things I dont fully understand, and that is: 1) the bit you mention that when scrolling fast, things might not always be in sync between where the video is suppose to start. Is that mainly because we are dealing with more than 1 scrolltrigger, or why? Any way to lock it in place so no matter if you scroll fast or slow, it appears where it should? 2) You're adding id's into each of the video's scrolltriggers. Does that do anything, or its mainly for us as devs to keep track of which scrolltrigger does what?
  2. Awesome thanks @akapowl For the video, as per your suggestion, I added the 2nd scrolltrigger for the video to make it play automatically at a different time, than what its container reaches the top of the viewport. This works great. I like the way AAA and BBB scrolls past, over the video in usual fasion, so that part is great also. The next bit of my troubles, are that I want the entire video (ie both scrolltriggers for the bunny video), to come in slightly earlier in the scroll. Currently the Airpods scroll completes, and after it is done, it scrolls out of view and the video scroll in. It would be great, if I can have the video coming in already, at the part where the Airpod's title "4444444" starts fading out. I can't figure out how to do this and seems the video will always only come in AFTER the Airpods scroll fully completes. Also, I adjusted the video scroll some more, to also fade in and fade out. The problem with this part is that my initial fade in, seems to take too long. No matter what I set the duration to, it doesnt seem to make a difference. For the fading out part, same thing, it takes too long to fade out. Also, it start to fade out too soon. I only want it to start fading out when "BBB" is almost out of view, but before "The End" comes in. https://codepen.io/newguy123/pen/dyLpxqp
  3. To be honest I dont know what is going on here. For example, if I simply change the scrolltrigger code from a timeline like so: var tl1main = gsap.timeline({ scrollTrigger: { trigger: "video", start: "top bottom", end: `+="200vh"`, markers: true, pin: "#video", onEnter: () => video.play(), onLeave: () => video.pause(), onLeaveBack: () => video.pause(), onEnterBack: () => video.play(), } }); and change that to: ScrollTrigger.create({ trigger: "video", start: "top bottom", end: "bottom top", markers: true, pin: "#video", onEnter: () => video.play(), onLeave: () => video.pause(), onLeaveBack: () => video.pause(), onEnterBack: () => video.play(), }); then the video playes fine, however for some odd reason the video is only 1 pixel in height then, and its still not pinned
  4. Hi Guys I have 1 X Scrolltrigger, ie the Apple Airpods example, with 4 titles appearing over it as you scroll. This works great, as expected. However, immediatly AFTER the 1st scrolltrigger finishes, I want the next one to start as it come in to view. Its a video and it should loop and only start playing when it comes into view. What's more, I want the video to STAY PINNED for a bit, enough for the next 2 titles "AAA" and "BBB" to scroll past. Then the video should unpin scroll out of view while the next section "THE END" scrolls into view. I have 2 troubles here. I can't seem to pin the video and I cant seem to play it when it comes into view, while the 2 titles scrolls over while the video is pinned. https://codepen.io/newguy123/pen/NWmReyM
  5. Hi Guys This is more of a general hosting question, and not so much necessarily a GSAP specific question. We built a site based on the GSAP Airpods Pro scroll sample. Our site however loads around 900 frames, and not 147 like the Airpods example. Now the problem. We tested on 2 different hosting providers. The one provider, loads the files just fine, but the other comes up with a bunch of 508 and 404 errors, even though the files are there. In contacting the hosting provider support, they say there is nothing they can do as their servers are setup with brute force attack protection. Essentially when loading the site, its pulling so many resources that the server thinks its being attacked, and then blocks the requests, resulting in only half the site loading. This is specific to a single hosting provider, and as I say, a different hosting provider does not have this probem at all. Unfortunately the provider that works fine, is not in UK, and we would need one based in the UK. Any recommendations or general advice?
  6. Hi I have 2 scrolltriggers with image sequence, currently the 2nd one only start scrubbing, when the 1st one finishes. Each one is pinned with text scrolling over it in a timeline. However, is it possible to shift UP the 2nd one, so it fades in over the 1st one, while each maintains its own pinning? In my image it probably illustrates it better. The one on the left, is how I CURRENTLY have it. The 1st blue Pin represents the full browser window. As the blue scrolls to the end, the 2nd scrolltrigger, the green one starts and is pinned in its green section. However, I want to change it so that things work more like the DESIRED image on the right, ie, when I get to almost the last bit of the blue scrolltrigger, the green one fades in, is pinned, and scrubs its context. ie. The problem I'm having is how to work out how to move the 2nd scrolltrigger up a bit, so it starts over the previous one, instead of after it.
  7. Thanks Helper To answer my own question then, yes seems my thought strategy works perfectly fine in this simple pen. Is there any reason NOT to do it like that, or simply, if it works, it works!? https://codepen.io/newguy123/pen/VwROdVN
  8. Hi Everyone If I want my Scrolltrigger, to 1st auto scroll a bit, could I simply add in a label at the point I want it to autoscroll to, and then simply add some code like this: gsap.to(window, { scrollTo: tl.scrollTrigger.labelToScroll("mylabel"), duration: 1, }); ... and I dont need a click or interaction for that to work correct, and it will simply run and scroll to that label as soon as the page loads?
  9. No things are not cleared up for me unfortunately. I was under the impression I did exactly what you asked. IE, I took the text out and stuck it directly in the body. Each id #section number position is fixed as you can see in the css. To make double sure, I've also set the the class of the one I'm targeting, to fixed. However, its not fixed for some odd reason. EDIT: Ah I see what the problem was. I set the position as fixed, but then further down, in same tag, I set it to absolute, effectively overriding the 1st fixed. It is fixed and also 'fixed' now LOL. Thanks for the hint!
  10. herein lies the problem. If I make the text part of the container, then I CANT adjust different text element's z-index. I want some titles in front of the canvas, and other behind. Is there no way of doing this? Can't GSAP somehow adjust z-index inside a timeline, or perhaps using a flip in the timeline to adjust the z-index?
  11. I took it out of the container as per your suggestion. I limited it to only 1 title for now and I managed to get it behind the canvas. However I can't seem to make the TL work with that single title now as it just seems to be a rugalar scroll element now, it doesnt stick to it's position, and the TL I gave it seems to do nothing... I would expect it to fade out from around frame 80 EDIT: here the codepen https://codepen.io/newguy123/pen/Babeogr
  12. I'm not sure if this is a GSAP issue, or simply a logic issue. Either way, I'm hoping somebody could help me solve the issue please. I have a simple image sequence, with 4 titles coming up over time as you scrub scroll. The #container z-index is a 2, to be above the canvas image sequence. However if I want to be able to have 1 of the titles, say title 2, behind the canvas, then that title's class of .below seems to do absolutely nothing, even if set to -9999. If however I set the container's z-index to -9999, then ALL the titles do in fact go behind the canvas. But of course that doesnt solve the problem. I also tried cheating, by setting each target's zIndex in the tl, but that also doesnt seem to do anything. It appears that anything inside the container, is linked to the container's z-index, which is a bit of a bummer of that is the case! Any ideas? https://codepen.io/newguy123/pen/PoLvqRw
  13. Hi As per the Apple Airpods example on GSAP, which currently only shows 1 image sequence in the example, what if I want to have 3 or 4 sections, each with its own sequence? Do I simply duplicate the existing code for the single section, and just rename the classes/ids in html for each section, and same in the javascript? Ie, I will then have 4 different scrolltriggers, each firing when its relevant section reaches it's start?
  14. As mentioned further up, this works fine, in codepen at least and I get no issues in console. IF HOWEVER, I duplicate the entire thing, ie copy the code from codepen to my local dev envirment, it also works, however, GSAP is throwing an error in the console: Any ideas? EDIT: Sorry nevermind, it was a function from a previous step I left in and forgot to delete All good now!
  15. To that effect, in addition to autoAlpha, I think I will then in that case set the starting z-index to -1, and the 1st to tween z-index to 9999 to make sure that title and button is on the top, then on the fade out tween, I'll set the z-index back to -1, and also MOVE the entire thing y: -500, just to make sure only the 'CORRECT' button is both visible and also clickable. Does that sound like a good plan?
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