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TweenMax not working with latest AIR on iOS ?

kek test
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I just updated my AIR SDK to version and all my tweenmax scripts are not working anymore.


Tweenlite works fine, and on Android it's ok. It's just Tweenmax on iOS (7  & 6).


Anyone got the same problem ?



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Sorry to hear about the trouble. Certainly sounds like AIR is being finicky as we have no experience like this with any other Flash runtimes.


However, some other users have gotten close to narrowing this down to perhaps AIR not playing nicely with one of the plugins that is activated in TweenMax.


Take a gander at this: http://forums.greensock.com/topic/6475-tweenmax-being-ignored-in-ios-app-help/#entry38502


And please let us know if de-activating the plugins helps OR if you can asses which plugin is activated when the problem occurs.

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Hi, sorry for the late answer.
In fact Tweenmax doesn't work with the Tint plugin with the latest version of AIR  (not only  but also and maybe after).


I have to use tweenmax because i use .fromTo but i'll try to do it differently :/


thanks for your work thought :)

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