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Select text with the keyboard moves the item [SOLVED]

Nillak test
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Hello and thank you for the work done to achieve this library.


My boss bought a license and asked me to work with the library to evaluate its behavior to see if it would be possible to use it for any projects. First of all, I am particularly impressed by the possibilities offered by this library.


But obviously I have a question that torments me concerning the selection by the keyboard (shift + arrows) of a text within a textarea : is it a misuse or a limitation ?

Indeed, if the element has its arrowKeysMove property to true then the selection of the text by the keyboard implies that the element moves. This behavior is clearly disturbing and is the same if we want to move the cursor within the textArea.


Looking forward to your answers I wish you a great day.

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Thus, it works well.

I used to suggest a finer granularity on the use of keyboard shortcuts with text fields :

It would be interesting to have a focus in the textarea when you click inside, but if you click on the border of the item the focus is not inside the textarea and thus you can use the keyboard shortcuts to move the item.

Best regards

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