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By popular request, here's a "sticky" thread for showcasing what you've done with the GreenSock tweening platform. Go ahead and brag a little. It's allowed. Inspire others with what you've created. Even if it's not super whiz-bang, maybe you've got an effect or technique you used that could help others or give them some ideas. Please don't use it as a soliciting tool for jobs, though. Post your stuff and keep it short and simple. If you want to discuss the details about a particular technique, that's great - just start another thread and link to it from this one.


Don't be shy. There's a huge community of users out there who could be inspired by your efforts.

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I was designing a site that I wanted to slowly merge from colour colour... my code was getting insanely complicated until I found mr. GreenSock. You have done a great service to the design industry. Anyway the site is up and running using TweenLite. Thank You.




Any feedback is always welcome.






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Hi All,


After many months of piecing my new portfolio together, it is FINALLY done. Granted, I am still making some copy tweaks here and there, but I think its ready to be rolled out. Big thanks to Jack!


It is definitely designed for screens w/ a higher resolution and faster machines, but it has run fine on all computers/browsers I've tested it on.


Enough talking, here it is:




I'd love to know what you think!





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Not a lot of my work gets published online, but here's one.



The guitar banner is mine and is done almost entirely with TweenLite.


I also make applications for multi-touch interfaces that use TweenLite and TweenMax quite a bit. Here's some screen shots and quick explanations (site is definitely under construction):



Many more to come!

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This Site is the result of a tweenbattle between my professor from the university (Artschool Halle - Germany) and me (also a lttle girl from the Artschool in Halle-Germany).

Although i'm not a crack in using AS3, i won the match. :D Hi Hi Hi :D

My own Challenge: to built a site without "CLICKING". All i need, last but not least are sounds.

But the tweenings are finished. Hope you like my small site: http://www.achtaugen.de

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Hi all


not sure if I am in the correct place, just signed up, my apologies if not!


what I need help with:

I have an example menu from soulwire that I have been working with and developing, I am new to as3 and tweening and I have hit a brick wall with what I am doing and can't seem to get any help. The menu rotates but stops at the first and last menu object within the rotation, it contains tweenlite effects which I do not really understand, I WOULD LIKE THE MENU TO ROTATE 360 SO IT DOESN'T STOP AT THE FIRST AND LAST MENU OBJECT - does this make any sense



my question is

Is what I am trying to do(create 360 rotation) done within the tweenlite script? If so, can someone show me how!


I am not sure if I should copy script here or just ad link to files, I will ad link, and if its better to paste code please let me know


link to files:





....any aoultions to this problem would be very grateful, many thanks for any help

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I just want to start off by saying thank you to the GreenSock Crew for this amazing product. I'm for the most part self taught, and found tweening, especially in actionscript 2, to be a tremendous pain in the butt. That said, i wanted to give back to the community for what they've given me to make this small project. It's small, and insigificant now, but it has use to be reused in nearly every flash document i create from here on.


Through GreenSock, I've gone through several hours (hush, i'm bad with math lol) of painstaking brainwork to creat a dynamic scroll pane, sectioned out and set up so that it can be dropped into any other project, quickly configured- even by those who have little to no flash knowledge of intense programming- and put to use. At this time, i personally only have need of vertical scrolling, however, if anyone would like the source, just post an email address or something and i would be happy to send it to you. I would host it myself, but i have no way to cover the kind of bandwidth this kind of thing could have on my little web server :). Unless perhaps a GS cremember reads this, which i hope you do, Thank you! and wants to host the source here.


Here is the sample i made. Again- Thank you GS, and thank you internet- full of helpful tutorials.




.__. and now upon testing, the scroll wheel part doesnt work in firefox 3 :\ oh well. sorry guys, i tried.

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