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Adding scalable objects (Text, MC) [SOLVED]

Roland test
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You can delete objects on the stage with the delete key...

but is there a way to add new objects on the stage?

I was working with the AS2 version - I am not familiar with AS3 yet.


I tried to attach a new movieclip with a button but it messes it up:

var a:MovieClip = _root.attachMovie("pic_mc", "test_mc", this.getNextHighestDepth(), {_x:25, _y:25});

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Sure, you can add hew MovieClips dynamically. Just don't forget to add them to the TransformManager instance, not just the stage. Also, be SURE you wait until the new MovieClip has FULLY loaded and instantiated, otherwise TransformManager will not be able to measure it correctly. Maybe even wait a few milliseconds after the onLoadInit is called from your MovieClipLoader just to be sure. Use the addItem() to add it to TransformManager.

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