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TransformManager (AS2) eventHandler: instance vars [SOLVED]

pepe test
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hi, i´m developing some stuff with the TransformManager class, and it was all working perfectly. Then, i added an event handler function, like the example below:

(this is an example code, only important code is shown)


class TestClass
private var test_string:String = "TEST";

           public function TestClass() {
                  transformManager_obj = new TransformManager({ [b]eventHandler:onTransformObject[/b], forceSelectionToFront:true, allowDelete:true, bounds: { xMin:_xMin, xMax:_xMax, yMin:_yMin, yMax:_yMax } } );

private function onTransformObject(event_obj:Object):Void {
trace("onTransformObject "+test_string);
trace("Action: " + event_obj.action + ", MovieClip: " + event_obj.targetObject + ", transformed?: " + event_obj.transformed);


The function is called correctly, because the second trace works perfectly, but the fisrt trace outputs: "onTransformObject: undefined".

test_string is an instance variable, i have tried with other instance variables, or calling other functions within the class but none are called. And if i call "onTransformObject" directly from the contrsuctor or other functions, the first trace works correctly.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!

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