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Padding for lines?

Rasmus test
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I'm working on a project, using the TransformManager, and I need to fiddle with the pixel tolerance, for triggering the drag-function on a line on the bounding rectangle.

Is there a function for this, like the: paddingForRotation(value:Number):void ??

I have been over the docs a few times, and can't seem to find a call to do this.

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I don't quite understand the question - could you give a little more detail about what you're looking for? "padding on rotation" isn't clicking for me. Do you mean the distance beyond the corner handles that triggers the rotation interaction? 

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Sorry if my description was a little hard to understand.

But yes ... I'm thinking about the distance from the lines, to trigger the drag-function, if the user holds down LMB. In the same way, as i can set the tolerance for rotation.



Is there a way to set this in pixels for the lines?

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No, that's not a parameter or property, but you can edit the source code to get the results you're after. The edge line is 10px thick and you can look in the renderSelection() method for this line:

_edges.graphics.lineStyle(10, 0xFF0000, 0, false, "none");
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Thanks for the help :)


I just didn't want to screw around with the source, if there was a simple way to change it.

Well .. I guess I'm not blind after all ... thanks. .. ill give the source a crack :)

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