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LoaderMax 2.0? also, feature request: timeout

eigenface test
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I notice the LoaderMax version number is inching up on 2.  I'm curious, is there a new, potentially-API-changing version in the works, similar to the major releases of TweenLite/Max?


If so (and even if not), I have a feature request: I'd like to pass in a callback or event handler that will be called if the loader has not completed after a given period of time.  Better yet, I'd like to be able to set a number of times for the loader to automatically retry if it fails due to such a timeout.


True, it's not difficult to set this up outside LoaderMax, and every feature adds kb.  But when you have a lot of traffic on your website, serving lots of content, CDN, etc. then the reality is a certain percentage of all loads "hang", that is, the load never completes even though no error is ever thrown.  Timing out and retrying the load in these cases is a necessary feature of any loading setup suitable for a large-scale operation, and it would be nice if LoaderMax supported this out-of-the-box.

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Thanks for the feature request, eigenface. We'll keep it in mind.


We've avoided doing the "multiple attempts at loading the same URL" thing because typically if it fails to load once, it'll fail to load a 2nd and 3rd time, thus that's just a waste of time and delays completion. However, LoaderMax does have the alternateURL feature which allows you to try another URL if the original one fails which can be quite handy for backup. 


As you said, the timeout thing can be pretty easily handled with the existing API, and we're pretty protective of file size. Not that it's a bad idea or anything. 


And to answer your question, no, there isn't a big 2.0 release coming soon. We're very focused on the animation platform right now and quite frankly LoaderMax seems rock solid and doesn't need a big overhaul or a bunch of new features. But again, we appreciate the input. 

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