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Uloading a custom image to use with transform manager

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Hi all.


I have a quick question about transform manager. We are looking to purchase this code and modify it a little further. What we want to do is create a flash app that lets you upload a custom image to be scaled and placed over another static image of a t-shirt. Here is an example of what I am talking about. http://www.customink.com/lab/?loc=tab4 This link shows a much much more amazing way to do this. Basically this is the idea we are pulling from just scaling it down for our needs. I found this php script that allows you to take a picture of the stage and convert the image to a jpg, png, or swf from a previous post. http://jerryscript.hostrocket.com/flash/draw/SWFDrawing2JPEG.html


My Questions:


Can we upload a custom graphic to be scaled and positioned on a static image of a t-shirt.

Thanks in advance and sorry if this answer has already been posted. I have done multiple searchers on the board but came up with nothing.



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Oh, absolutely. TransformManager wouldn't handle uploading the image (you'd write your own code for that part), but it can definitely handle the transformations (scale/rotate/move) of an image that gets uploaded. Everything is dynamic, so it's not like you need to apply TransformManger to clips in the Flash IDE before publishing. I know of many applications that use TransformManager for dynamically-loaded images (I've built several personally).


Does that answer your question?

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Yes this answers my question, thank you. I guess all we need to do now is purchase this code and get one of my buddies to help me code the uploader. One more thing, do you have any links to the examples you are talking about? It would be nice to show the other guys I work with an example of this already working on another site to give them piece of mind about purchasing this code. Maybe you could just shoot me a PM.


Thanks again this was all I needed to convince me to purchase the code.


-Andrew :D

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Sorry, the applications I built with uploading/transforming capabilities were done for companies who had confidentiality agreements with me, and the applications weren't for the general web audience, so I can't post links. But I'd guess that at least half of the customers who purchase TransformManager use it for precisely that purpose (uploading custom images and allowing the end user to interact/scale/rotate/move them). Keep in mind as well that there's a 30-day money back guarantee so if you get TransformManager and don't like it, you can get a full refund. Customers seem thrilled with it, though - check out some of the comments and reviews on the site. http://blog.greensock.com/transformmanageras3/

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