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Zoom in a Transform Item

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I have to say that the transform manager is wonderful plugin that meets my expectations and needs except for one thing.


In my application people will be given the ability to move, scale and rotate images, but they should also be able to zoom in or out the images without affecting the width and height of the selected item.


Also, I need to store this information in a database.


How can I do this with the Transform Manager?


Thank you.

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Glad to hear you're [mostly] enjoying TransformManager.


As for zooming, I'm not quite sure what you mean - how could you zoom while keeping the width/height the same? Are you saying you'd want to mask the image using its original dimensions and blow up the inside? Do you have an example (URL or image)?

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Yes, what I want to do is mask the image with the dimensions the user gives to it using the TransformManager, and if the user wants to, blow up the inside.


I'm doing an application similar to mixbook.com.


Here are some images of what I mean:

  1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/90499524@N07/8220728869/in/photostream
  2. http://www.flickr.com/photos/90499524@N07/8220729061/in/photostream

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Ah, I see. Well, you're right - that functionality isn't built into TransformManager in exactly the way you might want it implemented, but there is a Crop class that you might find very useful. Have you seen it? There's a little demo toward the bottom of the main TransformManager page at http://www.greensock.com/transformmanageras3/ and in the download zip. Basically it allows you to double-click on an item to edit its crop box (mask).

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