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TM on touch devices

Daniele Balboni test
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It is certainly a good ideal, Daniele, and we very well may tackle that at some point in the future but at the moment we are very focused on other projects like the animation platform for JavaScript and ActionScript. There's a HUGE need for solid animation tools in the JS world, so our goal is to utilize our time to make the biggest difference for the biggest portion of the user base. There is definitely a need for TransformManager in JS too, just not as much as animation right now.


Thanks for bringing this up and making sure it's on our radar.

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Hello, Jack.


Thank you for your prompt response.

In one of the recent projects we succeeded in using TM on touch displays without any modifications. But it's obvious that user experience is not ideal because TM was created for desktops. But i really hope that a touch version and js will arrive in the nearest future.

As for you, does it need a lot of time to optimize TM for touch? could a developer with a good knowledge of as3 to make a kind of beta-version (maybe with your help and suggestions )?

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