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transformAroundPoint shake with Flex Canvas

Hejaaa test
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It could be caused by several things:


1) You don't have smoothing enabled on the image


2) The image is large and it's too hard for Flash to render the graphics quickly enough on each frame, thus the frames per second are dropping


3) You didn't set the frame rate high enough

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It's virtually impossible to troubleshoot your files blind like this - I'm not sure what else to suggest but I can assure you that transformAroundPoint is optimized and probably not the source of the problem (although, again, it's difficult to say for sure without seeing a simple example set of files).

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Yeah, that definitely looks like a Flex issue. I've attached a version that demonstrates smooth behavior when putting the image in the rawChildren of a Canvas (to minimize the Flex issues). There are a lot of bugs and inconsistencies and performance issues in the Flex framework itself. Frankly, I try to avoid it whenever possible so I'm not much of a Flex expert. Maybe someone else can identify what exactly Flex is doing to break things (maybe it has to do with its auto-layout functionality?).


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