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Video.clear() workaround?

ggritmon test
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When I show a video on start, the last frame of that video displays for a split second since that is the current data until the Video refreshes. Normally, Video.clear() would be the fix for that, but...



...there is a known bug with Video.clear(), logged in the Adobe system & never getting fixed:



The workaround seems to be either:

show & hide video

(which doesn't help since showing the video on start still displays the last frame)


when clear() is called, destroy & reinstantiate the Video instance.


It would be great if the VideoLoader had a clear() method which did the second point above.

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I'm sorry, but now I can't reproduce the issue (before I even copy this new version over).


Did Adobe decide to finally resolve this issue in FP 11 or something? Now when I call rawContent.clear() it works perfectly fine.


I looked at the new clearVideo() method & it looks like it would do the trick nicely (assuming the user is in a player which demonstrates the problem?)

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Anyone still experiencing issues with video.clear() or loader.clearVideo()?  I inherited an older project with this issue, updated to the latest versions of everything, and I still get the issue.


I did notice the issue goes away with AIR 22 and AIR 23 but the audio quality suffers, so that's not an option.  They did fix the audio quality in AIR 24 but then the stuck video frame issue came back as well.


The previous developer used a tween to hide everything for 1 second after the next video starts, but I'm seeing mixed results on various versions of Android.


Anyone come up with any other workarounds?

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